9 Modern Breakfast Nooks So Cool You'll Want to Eat Every Meal Here

When we ask you to close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen and dining space, what do you see? We envision plenty of stylish storage solutions to free up usable space and a cozy yet modern breakfast nook the whole family can enjoy. Unlike the formal dining room, this little area is supposed to be completely approachable and functional, but it's also an easy opportunity to embolden the kitchen while giving it a touch of refinement. 

Think clean lines, on-trend décor, high-impact seating, and lots and lots of natural light to bask in while you sip on a morning cup of joe. If we've just described the modern breakfast nook of your dreams, take note from the nine examples below. It's about to be the best part of your morning, and probably you're entire day since you'll probably want to eat in this easy-to-access, comfortable setting for every meal.