9 Modern Breakfast Nooks So Cool You'll Want to Eat Every Meal Here

breakfast nook


When we ask you to close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen and dining space, what do you see? We envision plenty of stylish storage solutions to free up usable space and a cozy yet modern breakfast nook the whole family can enjoy. Unlike the formal dining room, this little area is supposed to be completely approachable and functional, but it's also an easy opportunity to embolden the kitchen while giving it a touch of refinement. 

Think clean lines, on-trend décor, high-impact seating, and lots and lots of natural light to bask in while you sip on a morning cup of joe. If we've just described the modern breakfast nook of your dreams, take note from the nine examples below. It's about to be the best part of your morning, and maybe your entire day since you'll probably want to eat in this easy-to-access, comfortable setting for every meal. 

Sleek and Neutral

a breakfast table
Liljencrantz Design

Sleek, simple, and oh-so-sophisticated, this modern breakfast nook makes a great impression without doing too much at all. Stick to neutral colors and opt for straight, clean lines for a similar aesthetic. A straight-back bench is also a great way to save space in tinier dining spaces, too. 

De La Espada Two-Seater Bench with Back
Ilse Crawford x De La Espada Two-Seater Bench with Back $1,930

Luxe and Texture-Rich

a breakfast table with black and wood chairs

When it comes to texture-rich finishes and lush, glamorous materials, this breakfast nook is good as it gets. You can always count on burl wood furniture, marble accents, and velvet upholstery to set a formal and artful tone. The layout of this space is also worth noting. Specifically, the kitchen island does a great job of breaking the breakfast nook off from the rest of the space, making it feel more spacious and private. 

Normann Copenhagen Herit Chair
Simon Legald x Normann Copenhagen Herit Upholstered Chair $725

Whimsical and Refined

a whimsical and refined breakfast table
Studio DB

If you have the means and space to create a built-in banquet, definitely take advantage of it. This will give your breakfast nook a more customized, refined feel while also maximizing square-footage. And while this dining area definitely features some more traditional roots, the architectural lighting, whimsical wallpaper, and pops of primary colors give it a decidedly modern edge. 

De La Espada Throne Dining Chair
Ozdemir & Caglar x De La Espada Throne 272 Dining Chair with Rattan $2,250

Effortless and Elegant

an elegant breakfast table

If you appreciate the austere elegance of minimalistic spaces, this neutral-hued breakfast nook will be up your alley. This small bistro table is perfect for apartments and other tight spaces. But just because it's small doesn't mean it's boring or unsophisticated—the moody marble material adds all the dimension it needs. 

HD Buttercup Soli Chair
Nuevo Soli Oak and Leather Dining Chair $530 $350

Moody and Tailored

a moody breakfast table
JH Interior Design

Tailored and formal yet 100% liveable, this dining nook is balanced perfection. We love the deep chocolate brown hues for an unexpectedly deep, and grounding mood. The artful light fixture and asymmetrical abstract artwork bring out the delicate gold frames of the bench and table for a cohesive finish, and the built-in banquette and book storage make this a nice spot to catch up on some work or reading. 

AYTM Angui Bench
AYTM Angui Bench, Black and Gold $694

Modern and Farmhouse Chic

modern coffee table
@amybartlam ; DESIGN: JDP Interiors

Even though a breakfast nook is, by definition, supposed to be in a nook, you can still create a cozy and casual dining space floating in the center of a room. If you have a tiny sunroom adjacent to the kitchen like this one, opt for a round table. The key is to opt for super-homey, unpretentious pieces that are dressed up with the right light fixtures for a modern touch. 

World Market Wood Bistro Dining Chairs Set of 2
World Market Distressed Wood Bistro Dining Chair, Set of 2 $280

Bold and Classic

a round coffee table with blue chairs
JH Interior Design

When you're working with a small space but refuse to compromise your statement-making style, consider this in-kitchen breakfast nook room your North Star guide. Like we mentioned earlier, the built-in seating maximizes space and keeps the focus on the colorful blue statement chairs. The single pendant light also draws the eye in and puts the breakfast book right in the spotlight. 

CB2 Primitivo Navy Blue Velvet Dining Chair
CB2 Primitivo Navy Blue Velvet Dining Chair $249

Quirky and Family-Friendly

a family-friendly breakfast table
@amybartlam ; DESIGN: JDP Interiors

This breakfast nook proves you don't have to decorate with super-sleek, formal furniture, and neutral colors to create a stylish, modern space. We love this cozy little nook's commitment to color, artwork, and comfort. Aside from the artwork itself, the eclectic frames give the entire room a lot of personalities. That being said, it isn't too over the top, thanks to the lack of clutter, metallic touches, and thoughtfully curated furniture. 

CB2 Sidera Crosshatch Chair
Jamesdar Kurv Crosshatch Chair, Set of 2 $190

Light and Bright

a white breakfast table
BDHM Design

When in doubt, opt for bright whites and modern light fixtures to keep your breakfast nook feeling fresh. The shiny metallic finish spruces things up without being too overtly formal, making it the perfect aesthetic for someone who wants a touch of elegance that can complement a variety of styles throughout the years. If you don't have a large window that lets in natural light, try hanging a large-scale photograph. This will enliven your breakfast nook and make it feel more modern and stylish without creating any clutter. 

West Elm Classic Cafe Dining Chair
West Elm Classic Lacquer Café Dining Chair $198 - $396

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