14 Modern Desert Décor Ideas That Bring the Vacay Vibes Home

Just add a spicy margarita

Modern Desert Décor
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

When most people refer to modern desert décor, they refer to the American southwest—the arid landscapes of Joshua Tree, the vast canyons of Arizona, the large drylands of New Mexico. But modern desert décor is much more than just American. Borrowing, of course, from Native American and Mexican influences—with Navajo patterns, aged leather, and cowhides—the style is also influenced by many other desert communities around the world: Morocco, Chile, Turkey, Colombia.

The result is a warm and worldly look filled with clean lines, desert-hues, and influences from around the globe. How exactly do you get the modern desert décor look in your home? Start with rustic materials like worn leather, cowhide, and wood, but keep the furniture lines simple. Infuse your space with warm hues like ochre, tan, sand, and even bright pink, orange, or red, but stay away from blues and greens. Add in worldly influences like Moroccan poufs, Turkish kilim pillows, Mexican serapes, and Colombian blankets. To help you get started, we selected some of our favorite modern desert décor picks.

St. Frank Palomino Cowhide Lumbar Pillow $295

Cowhides are also a staple of modern desert décor, but instead of a traditional black-and-white rug, try a golden-hued lumbar pillow instead.

Eny Lee Parker Contemporary Hand-Built Ceramic Base Oo Lamp Terra Cotta $2600

Terra-cotta is omnipresent in the desert, so adding a few accents of the material will make your space feel instantly more desert-like. This lamp by Eny Lee Parker is ideal for its organic modern shape.

Anthropologie Peruvian Stripe Rhys Chair $2198

This chair is quintessentially modern desert décor. Its Peruvian textile and leather straps are ideal for the look.

St. Frank Cactus Silk Runner LXXXII $695

Though this runner is technically Moroccan, the warm orange hues would fit perfectly in a modern desert décor, which tends to adopt a worldly aesthetic. Not to mention there are deserts in Morocco too. 

CB2 Logan Brown Leather Sofa $2999

Infusing your space with cognac-hued leather will help give your space that desired desert look, but it can be tricky to get right. A sofa in a weighty modern style will make the space feel modern, not dated.

The Citizenry Cristobal Wall Hanging $135

Add a Chilean brass chime or wall hanging to your space to give it that worldly minimalistic feel.

St. Frank Frazada Cix Blanket $540

This bright Frazada blanket hails from a Colombian tradition, but they are the perfect colors to complement a modern desert décor. 

Heddle And Lamm Small Square Leather Moroccan Pouf $128

Adding smaller leather accents, particularly in that pink sand color, will give your space a laid-back modern desert style.

The Citizenry Aldama Chair $825

This slightly retro Acapulco chair was handcrafted in Mexico with tan leather strips, bringing elegance to the classic resort style.

Ralph Lauren Home Great Plains Rug $185

Ralph Lauren has a long history of perfecting the Wild West aesthetic, borrowing Navajo patterns from native Americans. This rug is quintessentially Ralph Lauren desert chic.

The Citizenry San Rafael Safari Stool $375

This stylish bench designed in Mexico City is the perfect small leather accent to add to your modern desert décor.

St. Frank Gray Day of the Dead Skull $225

Give your décor a whimsical Mexican flair with this Day of the Dead skull by St. Frank.

St. Frank Kilim XXVIII Pillow $225

This Turkish kilim pillow originates from the tribal and nomadic cultures of Anatolia but would look great against a white linen sofa in a modern desert décor. 

The Citizenry Puebla Marble Planter $95

Finish off your space with a healthy dose of cacti and succulents in pretty minimal marble or terra-cotta vessels.

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