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Your Complete Guide to Modern Farmhouse Design

scandi style kitchen

Design: Chango & Co.; Photo: Jacob Snavely

Love modern farmhouse style? You're certainly not alone—the design aesthetic has been quite popular for the past several years.

"Modern farmhouse gained so much popularity because it is so approachable," interior designer Ashlee Cravens says. "With its neutral color palette, clean lines, and combination of textures, it is generally something that most homeowners are open to and can easily visualize in their space for years to come without any reservations."

What Is Modern Farmhouse Design?

According to Amy Long at Modern Farmhouse Glam, modern farmhouse is one of today's most popular design styles. It mixes the cozy, welcoming feel of farmhouse with the clean, uncluttered look of modern design. Elements could include neutral color palettes, metals and woods, and a combination of textures.

Additionally, modern farmhouse design has a soothing, inviting component to it, Cravens adds. "Many are looking for their home to be a place where you immediately feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed—an escape from the business of day-to-day life," she shares. "Modern farmhouse design takes you there at first glance and makes you feel right at home, while also inviting you to stay awhile."

Looking to incorporate modern farmhouse elements into your own home? Read on for seven simple ways to do just that in a stylish, flawless manner.

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Pay Close Attention to the Walls

modern farmhouse

Kerri DiMiceli

Let your walls talk—no, really! The style of the walls in your home is key in helping support your décor style and tell a story. When it comes to designing a modern farmhouse-style home, you have plenty of options.

"Common feature walls in modern farmhouse homes include shiplap, board and batten trim, and white-washed brick," blogger Amy Long of Modern Farmhouse Glam shares. No matter how many of these styles you choose to incorporate, you can't go wrong.

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Be Mindful of Flooring, Fixtures, and Finishes

scandi style kitchen

Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Jacob Snavely

The right flooring, fixtures, and finishes can also make a modern farmhouse space really shine, Long notes.

"Neutral pallets of white and grey are classic modern farmhouse," she explains. "Elements like wood flooring or beams warm up a modern farmhouse space. Wrought iron lighting fixtures and black accents or paint are also hallmark features."

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Add Texture to Your Space

modern farmhouse

Brandon Cravens Construction

While neutrals are definitely a key component of modern farmhouse design, you can certainly think a bit outside the box, too, Cravens comments.

"Don't feel that you need to paint all the wood accents in white," she notes. "If you have chosen white shiplap for your walls, don't be afraid to use a different tone of wood for any additional accents, like beams, mantels, and furnishings."

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Mix Function and Aesthetic

modern farmhouse

Brandon Cravens Construction

It's all about the little details here. Mix function with aesthetics when designing a space that is truly modern and farmhouse-inspired.

"To capture the modern farmhouse design, find décor pieces that are functional and beautiful," blogger Kerri DiMiceli says. "When styling my kitchen, I found white canisters with a diamond milk-glass design and wooden tops which are not only perfect for storage but are a nod to the crystal glasses I drank out of at my grandmother's house."

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Don't Be Afraid to Go Glam

modern farmhouse

Leslie Brown Photography for Amber Pierce Designs

A few glam touches can complement the modern farmhouse aesthetic wonderfully, Long comments. "I included features like blingy crystal chandeliers to my home, which is a combination of modern, modern farmhouse, and a bit glam,” she notes. Translation: bring on the sparkles.

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Allow Yourself to Style and Restyle

Open plan family room, kitchen, and dining area

Rebecca Rollins Interiors

The neutral color palette that is prominent in farmhouse-style spaces makes it easy to introduce new accessories over time without having to start decorating from scratch, DiMiceli notes.

"Sticking with the same general color palette in several rooms also makes your decor pieces interchangeable, so you can easily freshen up looks without breaking the bank." she shares. So go ahead and shop your house if you feel the need to restyle!

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Hang Stunning Light Fixtures

modern farmhouse

Kerri DiMiceli

Don't underestimate the impact a gorgeous statement fixture can make in a modern farmhouse space. Even if you're renting, take the initiative to remove builder-grade chandeliers and other lighting that doesn't support the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Replace these bland pieces with oversized brass finds that will make a major visual statement and bring you joy every time you see them.