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21 Modern Farmhouse Kitchens That Are Sleek, Cozy, and Absolutely Dreamy

A white kitchen with hammered copper pendant lights and a black kitchen island

Katie Martinez Design

Modern farmhouse style is one of the most coveted design styles around. And it’s not hard to see why. The style blends modern design’s sleek lines with farmhouse style’s cozy atmosphere—leaving you with a space that looks picture-perfect and feels great to be in.

Though modern farmhouse style looks good in any part of the home, it looks particularly great in the kitchen—a space that’s both functional and familial. Modern design’s clean, uncluttered approach makes any kitchen easier to navigate, and farmhouse style’s cozy warmth makes the hearth of the home feel even homier. 

Combine the best of what each style has to offer, and you’ll end up with a kitchen that you’ll love spending time in—whether you’re cooking, hosting, or enjoying a meal. And since modern farmhouse style has become so popular, inspiration abounds. There are lots of great modern farmhouse kitchen ideas to sift through as you piece together the kitchen of your dreams—and we’ve rounded up 21 of our favorites.

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Spring for a Solid Wood Island

A farmhouse kitchen with a solid wood island, exposed structural beams, and sleek white cabinets

Ashley Montgomery Design

Wood makes a classic addition to any interior, but it looks particularly great in a modern farmhouse. So treat yourself to some extra counter space by building a solid wood island. The accent will feel sleek, rustic, and warm all at once—serving as the perfect centerpiece for your space.

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Embrace Open Storage

A kitchen with white shelves, light blue cabinets, and gray countertops

Design: Velinda Hellen Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

When outfitting your kitchen, don’t just stock up on cabinets—mix and match storage solutions, instead. By lining the bottom of your walls with cabinets and the top of your walls with sleek shelves, you can open up your kitchen without sacrificing storage space.

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Snag a Classic Farmhouse Sink

A modern farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, white countertops, and a white farmhouse sink

Mindy Gayer Design

One easy way to score some farmhouse style? Snag a classic farmhouse sink. The sleek accent will instantly make your kitchen feel charming and cozy—while playing well with the most modern elements in your space.

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Set the Scene With Simple Window Treatments

A farmhouse kitchen with a black tile backsplash, white cabinets, and a beige fabric Roman shade

Becca Interiors

No farmhouse kitchen is complete without window treatments. But to keep things polished, stay away from floral curtains and ruffled swags. Instead, hang a simple Roman shade that’ll cozy up your space without adding visual clutter.

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Go All in on White

An all-white kitchen with a few light-washed wood accents

Mindy Gayer Design

The go-to palette for a modern farmhouse kitchen? White from top to bottom. The sleek color scheme brightens up any kitchen—while honoring modern design’s love of minimalism.

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Have Fun With Your Backsplash

A farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, wood accents, and a blue and white printed tile backsplash

Ashley Montgomery Design

Modern farmhouse kitchens may be clean and uncluttered, but they should also feel charming and homey. So look for places to sneak in personality. Your kitchen backsplash is a great candidate—and a set of playful tiles can take your kitchen from sleek to statement-making.

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Leave Your Structural Beams Exposed

A white farmhouse kitchen with rugged exposed wood structural beams

Finding Lovely

Add a dose of texture to your kitchen by leaving your structural beams exposed. The rustic accent will balance out your sleekest cabinets and boldest fixtures, making your space feel classically cozy.

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Play With Rustic Metal Accents

A white kitchen with hammered copper pendant lights and a black kitchen island

Katie Martinez Design

When decorating a farmhouse, wood is top of mind. But other materials—like rustic metals—are just as farmhouse-friendly. So hang some matte metal pendant lights, stock up on sleek metal chairs, and install some metal hardware that looks a little worn-in.

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Build a Cozy Breakfast Nook

A kitchen breakfast nook with a wooden table, an upholstered banquette, and black chairs

Mindy Gayer Design

Farmhouse style is at its best when it feels warm and welcoming. So be sure to add lots of eat-in space. Line your counters with barstools, deck out your dining room, and treat yourself to a cozy breakfast nook that looks both snuggly and sleek.

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Line Your Range Hood With Wood

A white farmhouse kitchen with a wood-trimmed range hood and matching wood bar stools

Becca Interiors

A good range hood ventilates your kitchen. A great one ventilates your kitchen—and looks good while doing it. So spring for a statement-making range hood that steals the spotlight in your space, or dress up the range hood you already have by painting it a fun color or lining it with wood.

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Splurge on a Statement Stove

An all-white kitchen with a light blue statement stove

Finding Lovely

Your appliances don’t have to double as decorative accents but if you want to make every accent count, invest in a stove that’s both pretty and practical. Keep it classic with a shiny stainless steel stove or take a risk on a stove in a striking color—like light blue, green, or black.

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Hang Some Classic Cage Lights

A classic kitchen with off-white cabinets, wooden bar stools, and matte black cage pendant lights

Becca Interiors

There are tons of modern farmhouse light fixtures out there. But few look as reliably rustic as cage lights. So hang the barn-friendly fixtures all over your kitchen. The rugged accent will transform your space, even if you change nothing else.

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Paint Your Cabinets a Sleek Color

A farmhouse pantry with mint green cabinets, white shelves, and streamlined wooden and white ceramic cookware

Ashley Montgomery Design

The average modern farmhouse palette is pretty pared-down—but that doesn’t mean color is off the menu. So if you can’t stand the thought of an all-neutral kitchen, paint your cabinets a sleek but charming color—like light blue or sage green.

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Make a Statement With Your Hardwoods

A white farmhouse kitchen with a bistro-style dining nook and chevron hardwood floors

Rikki Snyder

Lining your modern farmhouse kitchen with hardwoods is a classic option—but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. By laying out your hardwoods in a striking chevron, basket weave, or checkerboard pattern, you can craft a statement floor that turns heads—while staying true to your decor scheme.

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Score a Fun Pantry Door

A pantry with a white door with a glass window, striking tiled floors, and neatly organized shelves

Mindy Gayer Design

When decorating your kitchen, it’s easy to overlook your pantry. But try not to. If your pantry is visible from your kitchen, flank it with a charming pantry door. The upgrade will transform the tucked-away storage space—making your entire kitchen look prettier.

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Pick a Rustic Countertop Material

A kitchen with white cabinets, a white marble backsplash, and concrete countertops

White Sands

Quartz countertops may be a popular pick, but they’re not your only option. So as you deck out your modern farmhouse kitchen, consider lining your countertops with a more rustic material—like butcher block, stone, or concrete. 

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Streamline Your Dishes

A coffee station with a shiny white tile backsplash, white cabinets, and wooden shelves topped with matching white dishware

Becca Interiors

Shelves are a go-to storage solution in any farmhouse kitchen but to make the most of them, you’ll want must-haves that are pretty enough to display. So stock up on striking dishes, glasses, and serverware—and let them double as decor on your shelves.

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Soften Your Space With a Rug

A farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, wood accents, and a light pink printed rug

Ashley Montgomery Design

Kitchen floors tend to feel cold and sleek but it doesn’t take much to warm them up. With a single rug, you can cozy up your floors without cluttering up your kitchen—and add a pop of playful decor to your space.

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Stock Up on Textured Bar Stools

A kitchen with white cabinets, black accents, and woven rattan bar stools

Pure Salt Interiors

Kitchens don’t call for very much furniture so choose the few pieces you need with care. By snagging bar stools in a texture that complements your space, you can balance out your kitchen—softening modern elements with rugged texture, or adding sleek style to a farmhouse-heavy space.

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Color-Coordinate Your Metals

A modern farmhouse kitchen with a white and black tile backsplash, gray marble countertops, and matching shiny gold hardware

Tyler Karu

Color-coordinating your metals isn’t a must—but it’s an easy way to declutter your space, so streamline your hardware, your sinkware, and even your cookware. The matching elements will make a subtle statement, without distracting from the kitschiest elements in your space.

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Add Some Sweet Finishing Touches

A modern farmhouse kitchen decorated with personal touches, like a framed illustration, a ceramic pitcher, and a book

Mindy Gayer Design

The perfect kitchen isn't just sleek and cozy—it genuinely feels like yours- so finish off your space with a few personal touches. Hang art on your walls, keep your favorite cookbooks on display, and line your countertops with baubles you’ll love looking at every time you cook.