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30 Modern Fireplace Ideas To Inspire a Redesign

Stone fireplace oversized

Mindy Gayer

No matter what time of year it is, a fireplace always becomes the focal point of any room. Decorative or working, there's just something incredibly cozy and welcoming about a beautiful fireplace framing a living room or den. And when you think of a fireplace, you probably conjure up images of a more traditional hearth with loads of charm.

But sometimes a fireplace just needs a modern makeover. Whether it's simply a coat of paint or all new tiling, there are ways to take your fireplace into the 21st century.

No matter what style of decor you're into, there's a fireplace makeover idea that could transform your space. Read on for some of our favorite ideas.

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Add a Pop of Paint

Fireplace with black and white accents

Arbor and Co.

Sometimes all you need to upgrade your fireplace is a gallon of paint and a paintbrush. While we love natural brick, sometimes a room just calls for painted brick, especially on a fireplace. A simple white and black color palette can create a classic yet modern look in any space.

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Frame the Fireplace

Black and white modern fireplace

Brophy Interiors

When it comes to upgrading your fireplace, think outside the hearth. Consider renovating the space surrounding the fireplace with a modern, wood-paneled built-in to frame the room and give it a finished feeling.

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Paint it Blue

Green fireplace

Charlie Interior Design

Painting the area surrounding the fireplace the same color can create a more cohesive look and add a lot of depth to the room. Pick a soft, tranquil hue such as a sky blue to help ground a den or an office space.

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Add Graphic Tile

Fireplace with modern tile

Brexton Cole Interiors

If your fireplace has stale, outdated tile, consider modernizing it and replacing it with a vivid, eye-catching tile. Keep the colors cohesive with the rest of the fireplace so it doesn't overpower the room.

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Blend it In

Simple white fireplace

Calimia Home

While we love a fireplace that really stands out, you can still have a lovely focal point that doesn't contrast with the rest of the room. Paint the fireplace the same shade of white paint as the rest of the room for a minimal, modern look.

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Go to the Ceiling

Living room with fireplace

KG Designs

Accentuate your tall ceilings by pulling your fireplace all the way to the ceiling. Extend a traditional fireplace upwards with wood paneling to create a more elegant, stately look that holds its own in the rest of a large room.

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Opt for Concrete

Living room with stone fireplace

Liljencrantz Design

Alternative materials such as concrete are great ways to make a fireplace feel more modern. Concrete or stone not only looks modern, but it also requires very little maintenance throughout its life.

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Use It For Storage

Fireplace with cut outs

Pure Salt Interiors

Even a decorative fireplace can act as a centerpiece in a living room, but if your chimney isn't in use, use the space for storage instead. Add a basket or a handful of candles to add a lot of charm.

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Go for Contrast

Black fireplace

Rebecca Rollins

Whether you opt for traditional black and white or you go for two bold colors, contrasting color palettes can add a load of depth and visual appeal in any room.

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Think Horizontal

Fireplace with paneling

Rebecca Rollins

We love a great double-sided fireplace, especially when it's covered in gray shiplap. Upgrade your electric or gas fireplace with wood paneling to make it even more interesting.

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Cover it With Tile

Fireplace with tile

Tyler Karu Design

Though we typically see tile only over parts of the fireplace, here floor to ceiling subway tile offers a clean, modern look that is eye-catching yet not overly intense. Keep the tile simple to avoid overpowering the room, but consider a glossy look to reflect a lot of light.

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Mix Tile and Paneling

Living room

Chelius House of Design

Can't decide between wood paneling and tile? Use both (just stick to a simple color palette). Here, tile covers the hearth of the fireplace while wood paneling adorns the overmantle to create a modern, eye-catching look.

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Update the Surround

Fireplace with stone inside

Kate Marker Interiors

When it comes to renovating your fireplace, don't just think about the outside. Retiling or painting the surround can add a pop of color for just enough of a twist in any room.

If you decide to paint the surround, be sure to use a paint that can withstand high temperatures.

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Consider Marble

Fireplace with stone

Tara Kantor

We love using marble in spaces where we want to create an elevated feel that is still modern. Replace your brick fireplace with a marble facade to give your room a sophisticated touch.

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Go With Slate

Gray fireplace

Tara Kantor

A stacked slate veneer can give your modern living room a refresh that still feels cozy and welcoming.

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Use a Dash of Pink

Pink fireplace

Pure Salt Interiors

There are few things a swipe of pink paint can’t fix and the fireplace is not one of them. We love painting the fireplace a soft pink to set it apart from the rest of the room while remaining subtle and modern. 

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Get to Tiling

Black fireplace

Lindsey Brooke Design

Small tile work can add a lot of interest to any space, especially in a living room. Use mini tiles to decorate your fireplace to give it a busier, more visually interesting look. 

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Add Texture

Fireplace with vertical design

Yael Weiss

If you're looking for a modern wood paneling idea, consider this vertical striped paneling design to make your room appear taller and larger and draw the eye up.

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DIY a Mantle

Fireplace with white tile

Mindy Gayer

If you are retiling or painting a fireplace, you may be wondering what to do with an outdated mantle. Swap your traditional mantle for a floating shelf to create a modern, streamlined look. 

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Add a Mirror

Room with white fireplace

Proem Studio

Though it’s not a new idea to use a mirror over the fireplace, the right mirror can still look incredibly modern and fresh. Pick an oversized piece with brass or gold details to elevate a simple clay or stone fireplace. 

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Fill the Firebox

Pink fireplace


Step one: Paint it pink. Step two: Fill the decorative fireplace with rustic logs or birchwood to create a ton of warmth without an actual fire.

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Lean Into Shiplap

Fireplace with shiplap


Between the vertical shiplap and the chevron tile work, we don't know what we love most about this decorative fireplace. Don't be afraid to experiment with shiplap, even if your home isn't a modern farmhouse.

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Go for Graphic Designs

Fireplace with starburst tile

Emma Andrews

We love a hand-painted tile that is bold and eye-catching. Refinish your fireplace with a graphic tile that will transform your entire space. 

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Keep It Simple

Fireplace with wood

Justine | Victorian Terrace

A modern fireplace update doesn't have to be over the top. Keep it simple with a clean, neutral palette and natural wood.

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Add a Pop of Color

Fireplace with pink tile

Journey of No1

What's better than an eye-catching tile? A bold-colored, eye-catching tile. Pull in a pop of color by retiling your fireplace.

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Update an Electric Fireplace

Fireplace with shiplap

Farmstead on First

An electric fireplace can be super convenient, but it just may not add the same charm as a wood-burning fireplace. Update an electric fireplace with new, modern tile and rustic wood accents.

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Try Terracotta

Fireplace with scale tiles


We love this terracotta matte tile because it adds a lovely, unexpected look to the fireplace but doesn't feel overly stark or modern and still lends warmth to the space.

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Go With Black

Fireplace with black shiplap

Mandi Keith

It's a myth that black paint makes a room feel darker. In reality, a touch of black paint can really open up a room and add a lot of depth, especially in a fireplace centerpiece.

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Upgrade a Corner Fireplace

Living room with fireplace in the corner

Calimia Home

A corner fireplace can be hard to work with, but with a coat of paint, you can make it pop. Pick a color only slightly different from the walls for a subtle look or go all out and opt for a lot of contrast.

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Try Mixed Materials

Fireplace with marble

ARD | Custom Home Design

Who says you have to stick with one material on your modern fireplace? Mix materials such as marble, wood, or clay to create a lot of texture and interest.