These Modern Fireplaces Are What Winter Dreams Are Made Of

Retro Fireplace
Heidi's Bridge

We're obsessed with this little nook for so many reasons. First of all, it's basically a treehouse for really stylish grown-ups. Though each piece is one of a kind and seemingly random, they unexpectedly complement each other to create a cohesive and unique whole. Of course, the sleek white fireplace is an easy favorite, as it tethers everything together. The surrounding pebbles are a nod to the sprawling natural landscape outside, while the gold décor speaks to the modern pieces like the Lucite nesting tables, and the mod structure of the fireplace pairs perfectly with midcentury-modern furniture.

How do you create cozy interiors that can also transition into chic event spaces? It all starts with a modern fireplace. Considering that fireplaces quite literally heat things up, you and your guests will likely flock to them as the temperatures drop outside, which means it's a good idea to make as stylish as possible.

If you're looking for ways to update yours or simply seek a fresh batch of winter design inspiration, you'll want to take notes from the eight fireplaces we gathered up—we're talking everything from sleek aesthetics to contemporary coastal vibes and modern whimsy. We'll wait while you grab your hot cocoa and get cozy.

Ready for the winter dreaminess? Click through the architecturally striking modern fireplaces below.

If you want to give your space a more modern twist, sometimes all it takes is an artful decorative object. 

Modern fireplace
Catherine Kwong

Nothing is sleeker than a wall of white marble—except maybe one with a built-in bronze fireplace. With a keen eye for texture, the designer found this gorgeous smoked-glass geometric coffee table to enhance the bronze features while lightening the mood with a light-wash hardwood floor. The sitting area also makes the room more approachable with a soft velvet chair in a rich blue hue and an organic wooden side table.

modern fireplace
Alyssa Rosenheck

Not all modern design has to be defined by stark neutrals and a barren composition (case in point—see above). We love how the large artwork above the mantle introduces a sense of playfulness that's accentuated further by the rainbow tassels on the throw. The plush carpet and warm brown tones also soften up the bronze geometric pedestal tables and concrete fireplace nicely. So if you're looking to design a family-friendy and guest-ready living room with a modern fireplace, consider this your roadmap.

A bright, cheerful throw blanket is the perfect way to stay cozy and enliven a modern space.

Modern fireplace

Despite what we said about the previous living room, there's definitely nothing wrong with a hypermodern home, especially when it's as glorious as the one above. In this case, the minimalistic aesthetic has a ton of thoughtful intention behind it: Everything in the room performs an essential function, keeping clutter to a minimum. And instead of delighting the eye with a color scheme, it boasts a complex texture-scape of interesting materials. For example, the thick knotted rug softens the grittiness of the concrete floors and bright white walls for a thoroughly homey vibe. This way the room can host cozy family nights in and easily transition into a gallery-like event space when dinner guests arrive.

Serena & Lily Henley Wool Throw
Serena & Lily Henley Wool Throw $598

Like snow, only it actually keeps you warm. This dreamy white knit throw is a winter décor staple.

modern fireplace
Elizabeth Roberts

The perfect family kitchen should have plenty of countertop space, sprawling windows for natural light, and a whole lot of storage. But if you want to take it to the next level style-wise and stay warm while you cook, consider a modern fireplace in the kitchen. We love how this one is styled with floor-to-ceiling navy blue tiles and lightened up with seafoam-green industrial kitchen stools.

Lightyears Caravaggio Pendant Light
Lightyears Caravaggio Pendant Light $523-1535

Introduce a modern touch with an industrial pendant light over the kitchen island.

modern fireplace
Nicole Hollis

The scale and proportion of this living room vignette are stunning yet subtle. Though the symmetry of the woven baskets and wall sconces flanking the fireplace give the room a flawless sense of balance, there are still plenty of design choices that intrigue the eye, like the sharp metallic accents that break up the neutral color palette. If you're looking for ways to style a modern yet timeless living room place, here's your visual guide.

Mascarade 1 Photograph by The Heidies
The Heidies Mascarade 1 Photograph $380

An avant-garde piece of art will add personality to the room while also making it feel edgier if you're working with timeless staples.

modern fireplace
JH Interior Design

As much as we love the bold raspberry carpet and lounge chair as well as the abstract aqua wall art and floor-to-ceiling collection of books, we're immediately drawn to the architectural fireplace. The matte black works with the exposed beams, bookshelves, and second armchair to bring in a darker moodiness that makes the pops of color feel a little more grown-up. It also makes the original fireplace against the wall look less obvious. Together, each feature makes this the dreamiest library to cozy up in.

Knoll Inc. Womb™ Chair
Knoll Inc. Womb Chair $4620

If you're on the hunt for a chair that's equally as stunning, cozy, and striking as your modern fireplace, this iconic vintage womb chair should do the trick.

modern fireplace
Elizabeth Roberts

If you want your fireplace to feel lighter, airier, and more modern without having to do any major renovations, forgo classic tiles—paint it the same color as the surrounding walls instead. This way it'll blend in seamlessly to create a fresh contemporary coastal vibe. Just add a simple mirror to accentuate the geometric shapes, plus a few organic pottery pieces and plants to soften things up.

West Elm Hieroglyph Print Wool Rug
West Elm Hieroglyph Print Wool Rug $400-1200

A subtle Persian rug in a neutral hue will warm up the room without interfering with the modern aesthetic.

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