The Amazon Steal I Get So Many Compliments On

If I had to use one word to describe the process of decorating my first one-bedroom apartment with my S.O., it would be "compromise." Hours after we signed the lease, I started a Pinterest board to compile all the gorgeous interior images that I hoped would one day guide the way we decorated our home. And while we did purchase a few dream items from the board (this coffee table from West Elm was a must), I've also learned to master the tricky dance interior designs always refer to as the "high-low mix."

For every dream item my boyfriend and I chose, we promised to compromise and save money on another piece. And now, through trial and error, we've quickly learned which items warrant a splurge, and which ones you can get away with saving money on. As it turns out, the least expensive item in our home is what guests comment on the most: a $24 flatware set I found on Amazon.

I hear you: Design experts usually warn against buying cheap versions of products you use every day, like a sofa or flatware, but since purchasing four of these modern sets, I'm a total devotee. Made by Amazon seller Jinsen, they're crafted from stainless steel, rustproof, and BPA-free. They're just as sleek and delicate as the original Goa set I loved from Cutipol, but instead of being $89, they're just $24.

Yes, this might be Amazon's best-kept secret. Shop our favorite colors below.

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