15 Modern Floor Lamps That Prove Great Style Doesn't Come at a Price

Interior designers call lighting the jewelry of home décor for good reason: No room is complete without it. A statement lamp has the power to add instant personality and ambience to any space and can even make a cramped room feel bigger. When decorating my tiny living room with Decorist celebrity designer Jeremiah Brent, one of the best lessons I learned was that a carefully placed light has the power to visually trick the eye and create the illusion of space.

It's instant: Just position lighting against the room extremities to lead the eye. A strategically placed floor lamp in the corner and sconces lined up behind the sofa worked wonders in my apartment. Fake a larger space, create ambience, or simply imbue your room with new personality with our picks for the best modern floor lamps. The clincher: They're all under $300. We'll see you at the checkout.