We're Speechless: Step Inside the 3700-Square-Foot Home That Made Our Jaws Drop


Marisa Vitale; DESIGN: Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs

Oftentimes, people approach design from an aesthetic safety net. We know what we love and typically what we don't, and we veer further and further away from experimentation. No need to feel bad about that because feeling safe is in our DNA; humans hardwired to move away from things that scare us. The only problem with that is complacency. After a while, we tire of our surroundings, we crave adventure, and we start looking for those things that push us out of our comfort zone and into the wild unknown. This Beverly Hills project was that fearless place for Natalie Myers, founder of Veneer Designs

Her personal goal? To design a "knock-your-socks-off jaw-dropping home unlike anyone in Beverly Hills has seen yet." We certainly think she nailed it. This five-bed, five-bath, 3700-square-foot home was a huge divergence from the designer's earthy, neutral style, but she reveled in the challenge and the end result really rendered us speechless at MyDomaine HQ.

Built in 1954, the home's original midcentury architecture was fairly traditional, and not the midcentury modern style we all adore, Myers explains. "More of that older overly ornamental 'grandma' style that needs immediate updating," she adds. Take the tour and see for yourself how Myers transformed this residence and made bold moves with color and texture.