Definitive Proof That Modern Living Rooms Are Warm and Inviting

Updated 04/29/19

Although modern décor isn't usually associated with words like "warm" and "inviting," we're on a mission to officially put the contemporary cold myth to rest. Ahead, we've curated a collection of modern living rooms that prove contemporary design isn't limited to stark spaces. From a room featuring a statement-making bookcase that exudes cozy library vibes to a space with concrete walls that looks anything but cold, these are definitive proof that modern living rooms are warm and inviting.

Seeing as the first official day of fall is just one week away, what better time to seek out interior inspiration? After all, few seasons spark a total home décor update quite like autumn. Prediction: You're going to want to steal these modern living room ideas for your own autumnal refresh. Ready to curate a space that's equal parts stylish and comfortable? Keep scrolling to see how some of our favorite interior designers make contemporary actually look cozy.

an all-white living room with a wall of windows and another wall of books
Amy Bartlam

Floor-to-ceiling industrial windows are softened by a pale purple couch and accent chairs in the same hue. Natural wood flooring lends warmth to this modern living room.

modern living room with built-in book shelves
Katie Martinez Designs

A built-in bookcase makes a bold statement in this modern living room. A natural wood coffee table, a pair of metallic light fixtures, and a set of brightly colored accent pillows bring warmth to the space.

contemporary all-white living room
Amy Bartlam

Beige furniture is a fresh departure from white, especially when outfitting a living room that's already painted in the classic hue. Shades of taupe warm up this bright, airy space.

modern living room with curved, teal sofa
Katie Martinez Design

A jewel-tone velvet sofa placed atop a plush rug makes for an inviting modern living room that quickly dispels any notion of a cold space.

modern small living room
Amy Bartlam

A striking abstract painting steals the spotlight in this room, proving that art is the fastest way to make any room come alive. Warm orange accents help to balance out cool blue hues, keeping the space from veering into cold territory. 

modern living room with gray walls
Amy Bartlam

This über-chic room expertly balances modern sensibilities (notably, a contemporary wall sconce and an oversize abstract painting) with traditional décor elements (for example, a classic armchair and an antique rug) to create an inviting space.

modern small living room
Sara Medina Lind for Pella Hedeby

A natural-fiber rug and a faux-fur throw contrast nicely with a sleek marble coffee table to create an eclectic mix of textures in this modern gray living room.

modern living room
Katerine Carter

For a modern living room that exudes California-cool vibes, midcentury modern-inspired furniture is a must. In this bright space, the leather couch, ceramic planters, and brass accents all nod to the mid-1900s décor style.

modern living room
Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

Scandinavian minimalism meets California bohemian in this modern living room. A modular velvet sofa in a warm, pale pink hue stands out among dark, industrial-inspired furniture pieces, most notably the coffee table and the leather ottoman.

eclectic modern living room with brightly-colored furniture
Alyssa Rosenheck

Bold pops of color make a striking statement in this eclectic living room. Bright pink stools and a blue velvet sofa liven up this predominately black-and-white space.

industrial modern living room
Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

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