Grab a Roller—These Modern Paint Colors Will Upgrade Any Space

These days, the word modern can mean a variety of different things when it comes to home décor, especially when choosing new paint. Some envision modern paint colors as pure white while others might picture dramatic deep hues. "Paint colors that are considered modern are not necessarily limited to modern architecture," explains Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore color and design expert. "Rather they are colors that capture a modern sensibility."

While Magno attests that people are moving away from the idea that a modern room is one that is covered in layers of bright white, she points to whites and grays as key trending colors in the home today. Although these shades are quite neutral, Magno says, "this leaves room for deeper hues such as navy blue, black, and deep blue-greens to enter the scene, along with gestures of bolder colors from the red family." Take a look at these modern paint colors recommended by Magno to spruce up any home just in time for a summer design project.