4 Concerning New Trends in Party Attendance Etiquette

A new study of more than 1,600 men and women has revealed some rather surprising (or not-so-surprising, for the socially jaded among us) trends when it comes to how we treat our hosts and receive our guests in the modern age. We've waxed at length on the dos and don'ts of hosting, as well as attending a party, but what are the trends, really?

As we currently find ourselves in the midst of party season, we're regarding the findings with curiosity and interest. After all, you'd want to know just how likely your guests will be to take an unguided tour of the grounds, wouldn't you? We thought so. Read on for the findings from The Salonniere.

Don't expect an RSVP.

Did you send an old-school invitation? Bravo! We respect your flair for the official. The bad news: Whether or not your guests reply "yes" seems to have little bearing on if they will actually show up. More than 50% of people surveyed admitted that they tend to ignore a request for RSVP altogether. A majority admitted to saying they would attend a party and then flaking on their commitment completely, while nearly six of every 10 people say they've attended a party even though they didn't RSVP at all. 

A hostess gift? What's that?

Emily Post would be so disheartened. Of those surveyed, 54% say that they don't bother bringing a hostess gift to a party they actually manage to go to. For those who have gifted a host, regifting something—a bottle of wine or a candle, for example—was commonplace.

There are snoops among us.

Better take a pause to tidy up that medicine cabinet and put away the valuables. 25% of the women surveyed admitted they often take a peek in a host's medicine cabinets when using the bathroom. Though fewer men admitted to this sneaky behavior, almost 40% of the gentlemen told us they've fooled around with guests in the host's house. 

Don't expect much in the way of thanks, either.

60% of those surveyed said they generally do not send any manner of after-party thanks, whether a text message or phone call or other such acknowledgement. How rude! Our takeaway? We can do better! A bottle of wine or other drink to enjoy is always appreciated, and a quick thank you, whether upon leaving or the next day, is the least you can do.

Read more of the findings of the survey over on The Salonniere.

Are you surprised by these modern trends? Are you guilty of them? Tell us in the comments.