This 1400-Square-Foot Home Is a Mix of Art Deco With a Splash of Victorian Charm

When you step into a new space, it's all about the energy of the room. It's instinctual. You have to feel the interior first before you do anything else, and you'll know immediately whether you want to plant your roots there and stay or move onto the next. From there, you add in those precious parts of you, the sentimental pieces, the new decorative items and furniture that speak to your story, your personality, your history. It's here where interior designers step in and fuse all three of these together to create a beautiful haven where you can retreat to and escape the world. 

This is the part Nicole Newkirk loves most and you can see all of this come together in her latest project in San Francisco, a home built in 1920. Newkirk mixed the home's Art Deco aesthetic with a splash of Victorian charm, and the end result is truly striking. Read on to learn more about her creative process and how she turned this space into a home.