10 Modern Wedding Cakes to Rival What They Served at the Royal Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, arguably the best places to start is with a theme. That way, you can carefully select the most important elements—the dress, the venue, the food, and the music—based on one unifying aspect of the ceremony and reception. If you've opted to forgo the traditional and plan a modern wedding, you'll need a cake that follows suit as well.

"Modern wedding cakes often embrace details you wouldn't expect to see on a cake at all," explains Angela Hamilton, editor at the wedding inspiration hub 100 Layer Cake. Unexpected modern details can be anything from graphic elements and bold colors to hand-painted designs and trending flowers that deter from the traditional three-tiered buttermilk frosting culinary creations of the past.

Just be sure to communicate your one-of-a-kind vision to your cake designer to get the look you're dreaming off, Hamilton advises. In order to fine-tune your desired look for the big day, take a look at these stunning modern wedding cakes to inspire your own showstopping creation.

Edible Flower Wedding Cake
Scott Clark Photo /100 Layer Cake

"Edible flowers are a major trend right now, so adorning your cake with them can be really fun," says Hamilton. This small, simple cake is completely elevated by the bright orange and yellow flowers and lemon slice garnishes. Get the look by adding edible flowers that fit the season or your color scheme to the cake for a fresh, vibrant dessert that's almost too beautiful to eat.

Bohemian Wedding Cake
Mary Fernandez /100 Layer Cake

Another way to create a modern wedding cake is to include a delicate and unexpected topper. "A cake topper like this mini macramé piece can be incorporated into the rest of the cake's design," says Hamilton. Dotted with flowers, plants, and a dreamcatcher-like ornament, this modern cake would be fitting for a romantic, bohemian celebration.

Modern Fuchsia Wedding Cake
Giuseppe Giovannelli /100 Layer Cake

An extremely modern take on a wedding cake, this creation features bold, colorful brushstrokes made of frosting. "The brushstroke texture of this cake adds edge to a three-tiered design," says Hamilton. Get the look by adding a modern element to a traditional cake structure.

Yellow and Silver Wedding Cake
Adriana Morais Fotografia /100 Layer Cake

"Choosing a unique color combo can really make your cake pop," according to Hamilton. A far cry from a traditional white wedding cake, this modern creation is coated in both a light orange and silver frosting, along with a unique flower arrangement on the side that hints at a fall ceremony. Embrace the season of your wedding and experiment with incorporating your color scheme into the cake.

Wedding Cake with Gold Chain and Flowers
Anna Roussos /100 Layer Cake

Beneath a train of bright pink petals and a unique gold chain sits a quite traditional wedding cake. "The bougainvillea cascading over a simple white cake acts as a cake topper as well as accent flowers," says Hamilton. "The blooms are so striking you really don't need an elaborate cake to pull off a bold design."

Fall Wedding Cake
AR Photography /100 Layer Cake

Subtle details make this four-tiered white cake entirely modern. Bold lines create an intricate design on the top half of the cake while the base appears to be coated in a light layer of dreamy blue paint. "This cake takes trends like watercolor details and metallics and gives them a minimal, understated feel," Hamilton says.

Peony Wedding Cake
Jacobo Pachón Photography /100 Layer Cake

"Of course, everyone is obsessed with peonies this time of year," says Hamilton, "but seeing it on a cake rather than in a bouquet adds an element of surprise." Rather than walk down the aisle with a bright bunch of flowers or add a few petals as an adornment on your cake, create an entire cake that embodies your favorite botanicals.

Brush Stroke Wedding Cake
Luna de Mare Photography /100 Layer Cake

Painted details define this modern wedding cake, adding subtle, but striking designs to an otherwise simple dessert. "The various shapes and use of white space here keep it modern and romantic," says Hamilton. Get this look by requesting modern designs and brushstrokes in a variety of complementary colors and textures.

Wedding Cake with Macaroons
Katie Pritchard Photo /100 Layer Cake

According to Hamilton, macaroons are a major wedding trend of the moment. Incorporate a French element in your big day by adding macaroons to a modern wedding cake. Here, rose gold macaroons tower atop this romantic display.

Watercolor Wedding Cake
Heather Kincaid Photographer /100 Layer Cake

This modern wedding cake features light pink and peach watercolor paint elements with drips of metallic rose gold. "Both peach and rose gold are trendy tones that look good on more whimsical or romantic cakes, so keeping it simple with a modern shape like this comes off as fresh and unexpected," says Hamilton.

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