These 19 Modern Window Treatments Give New Life to Blinds and Drapes

White living room

True Home

There are classically fun décor items—like throw pillows, planters, and book ends—and there are not-so-fun accessories that are important, but a bit boring to source. One of those said products? Window treatments.

Luckily, the dreadful beige blinds of the '80s and '90s have received a glow up, and you don't need to adorn your windows with the clinking metal blinds or obnoxious fabric curtains of yesteryear. Window treatments are cool now—it's official—and there are a variety of ways they can add personality to your space and frame your windows, not dull things down.

The following ideas serve purposes for every different room in your house, whether you want to spice up your home office, set a cozy mood in the living room, or modernize your bathroom. We know you're going to love them.

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Embrace Half and Half

Bright and light living room

Brexton Cole Interiors

Love light-soaked rooms but covet privacy? Grant yourself the power of both with blinds that cover half the window. You'll get a dreamy, sun-filled living room without needing to settle for naked windows.

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Bring in Boho Blinds

Boho living room

Modernly You

Because of its free-spirited roots, boho will never feel outdated, especially when it comes to your window treatments. The earthy, natural textures that are commonly found in rooms of this style make it easy to find blinds of this nature that fit in seamlessly.

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Cloak Windows With Drapes

Gray dining room

Design: Gray Space Interiors / Photography: Brian Wetzel

Thick drapes such as these give a luxe, modern feel that can help keep light out and set a vibe for the whole room. They make a bigger statement than regular shades and are far bolder than sheer curtains.

Gray drapes
Joss & Main Bransen Distressed Chevron Single Curtain Panel $42.00
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Implement Modern Patterns

Airy dining room

Interior Impressions

Keep the modernist vibe going with the help of your curtains, which do so much more than serve a utility purpose. These circle-laden ones are playful and chic, adding some sass to the room that's neither colorful or obnoxiously patterned. You're welcome, minimalists.

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Add Colorful Drama

Orange curtains in dining room

Casa Watkins Living

People often feel limited to the room-changing powers of paint or the more subtle accents that decorative objects can sprinkle into a space. For a happy medium, try swapping out your window treatments for something that adds color and a little punchy hue to a room.

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Go Matchy-Matchy

Wooden blinds in living room

Cathie Hong Interiors

Wood window frames look stunning when accented with blinds. If your trim is a particular color or made of a certain material, you can really make an impact by complementing the space with a treatment that looks as if it was specially made for gracing your windows.

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Frame Your Treatment

Wallpapered small office

If Walls Could Talk

Vibrant wallpaper can't be let down by a boring window ledge, and this room made sure that would never happen. Thanks to a stark white shade and an edgy black window frame, the small office feels fresh, modern, and packs a major punch.

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Bring Midcentury Dreams to Life

Mid-century modern dining room

House of Harvee

The sharp, rectangular shape of these lengthy blinds are just what this room needed in terms of finishing touches. The gorgeous pendant lamp, wall art, and chairs aren't hindered by this window treatment—rather, it just continues the midcentury vibe.

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Go Whimsically Opaque

White living room

True Home

While all-white rooms with gossamer palettes often feel cut out for nothing other than gauzy curtains, this space is proof opaque works equally as well. While they're thicker and able to block out more light, they still look just as light and airy as anything.

White drapes
Pottery Barn Broadway Rod Pocket Curtain, Ivory $79.00
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Blend It In

White bathroom

Midcity Interiors

Sometimes standing out is the key to a pretty window treatment. Other times, the key is to blend in flawlessly, such as in this bathroom. In a space that feels so serene and relaxing, an all-white shade is an ideal solution for keeping the calm, rejuvenating feeling throughout.

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Dip a Toe Into Jewel-Toned

Green drapes in bedroom

Rush Me Home

For an unforgettable addition to a bedroom or dining room, try a jewel-toned set of curtains for extra saturation and drama. It adds just the right amount of color to a modern space that echoes '20s opulence.

Green drapes
IKEA SANELA Room Darkening Curtains $60.00
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Trust the Power of Built-Ins

White blinds in white living room

Kaelyn Guerin

Built-in doesn't have to mean boring. These practical up-and-down blinds only continue this space's open and airy tone and feel like a continuation of the walls, windows, and ceiling. Plus, even when they are closed, the white color ensures the living room won't feel cramped.

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Pay Tribute to the '70s

Green living room

Erin Williamson

A shag ottoman, navy velvet couch, and the modish color palette are only improved by the addition of wooden shades. Altogether—with the help of a pretty plant—the room feels very much like a groovy Cali surf pad.

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Double Up

Blue living room

Becca Interiors

Who said you need to stick with just one type of window treatment? Choose two to go together—like sturdy blinds and a pretty set of curtains—and you'll open up even more options. You can customize everything, from how the window treatments look to the amount of light you let in.

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Make a Statement With Black Curtains

Tan room with green and black accents

Katherine Carter

Privacy curtains and their light-blocking counterparts may sound boring in theory, but as you can tell from this space, the matte black option adds a little bit of edge to everything. There's nothing better than when style and utility make magic happen.

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Continue Your Corners

White living room

Home and Spirit

Don't feel perplexed by an awkward corner. Instead, follow suit and wrap a set of translucent blinds around the area. It still lets in plenty of natural light and helps your space feel a little more cohesive.

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Go All Out With Farmhouse

Farmhouse boho bedroom

Design: Katie Martinez Design; Photo: Malcolm Brown

Yep, farmhouse style can be infused into basically every square inch of your room—even your window treatments. Go for off-white or another subdued shade and pick a pattern that feels old-timey but still ideal for sleeping in during the 21st century.

Patterned curtains
Pottery Barn June Print Linen/Cotton Rod Pocket Curtain $159.00
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Add to Your Color Palette

Peach and rust living room

Kelly Hurliman Design

Perhaps you're looking to expand your color palette but can't quite find a need for a new side table or an extra throw pillow. Instead, lean on curtains as a chic, surefire way to add a pretty hue to your room and spice up a monochromatic or two-toned room.

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Try Sheer, Yet Colorful

Sheer blue curtains in living room

Louis Duncan-He Designs

Do you adore the look of drapes but aren't thrilled about thick fabrics? Instead, opt for curtains that are near-transparent but still have a hint of color to them. The bright blue ones here are a great counterpart to the matching couch and help balance out the contrasting orange chairs.