This Female Artist's L.A. Work Studio Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job

From a young age, I have admired the life of an artist. When you watch them in the middle of their creative process, it's as though another force flows directly through them from a higher power and they are physically compelled to create. I always loved seeing my father perform on stage because you could see the physical change in him when it happened. It was, and is, incredibly awe-inspiring. So, of course, we jump at the chance to peek inside their studios. Who else has a Pinterest board dedicated to artist studios? *Raises hand.*

If this is you too, then you'll be obsessed with our new series that takes a look inside the studios of female artists we love. First up, Desanka Fasiska, a pottery designer, the founder of Lux Eros, and the mom to 18-month-old Rocky. The ceramicist's handmade pieces range from bowls and plates to napkin rings and vases. They're also insanely cool—just like her home studio. (And to think she was working in fashion for 13 years before this.)

So step inside and read Fasiska's inspiration behind the space and her line, and then prepare to pin.