A Piece of '80s Film History Can Now Be Yours

A piece of '80s movie history is officially up for sale. For $1.5 million, nostalgia addicts can purchase a living, breathing set from Sixteen Candles: the home of Molly Ringwald’s character, Samantha Baker, from the seminal Brat Pack movie.

The Evanston, Illinois, home has been renovated since being featured in John Hughes’s 1984 classic, and it has been on the market since early July. And while the six bedrooms and four bathrooms are in no way comparable to most celebrity homes, let’s keep in mind that Molly Ringwald never actually lived here. Instead, fans of Sixteen Candles can take solace in the fact that the regal home was immortalized in one of that era’s defining films.

“We’ve had serious interest from people that just want to come through because it was their favorite movie,” said real estate agent Jill Blabolil, who also mentioned that the lucky new homeowner will receive a poster from the film that’s been handed down from owner to owner.

Like many of Hughes’s films—think the McCallister’s home from the Home Alone franchise—the house is typical of Chicago’s picturesque suburbs. No word yet on whether Molly Ringwald herself will pay a visit to the new homeowners, but remember: Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Watch Sixteen Candles, and let us know what your favorite Brat Pack movie is.