Step Inside Supermodel Molly Sims's Airy, Light-Filled L.A. Home

Updated 04/05/17

Molly Sims may be known as a model and actress, but her discerning eye for interior design runs a close third. Case in point: Sims's Pacific Palisades home she shares with husband Scott Stuber and their three children, Brooks, Scarlett, and Grey. "People always say, 'You could do [interior design] on your own, you have such great taste,' and I do!" she said to Architectural Digest. "I love design." 

Together with interior designer Dan Scotti, founder of Dan Scotti Design, Sims and her husband curated the modern, kid-friendly home down to the couch fabric (which she insisted be stain-resistant). "My designer definitely pushed me to a more modern style, still beautiful but more streamlined," said Sims of the finished product. "I was building a home for a family, not for a girl who was single in her 30s like I had been for so long. I kind of needed to be pushed in another direction." 

The end result is a perfect marriage between the two. Featuring a home movie theater for Stuber, a producer, a playroom for the children, and a photogenic aesthetic sure to appease Sims's nearly 200,000 Instagram followers; the home suits each member of the family's needs perfectly. 

Step inside Molly Sims's stunning home below, and share your thoughts on the space in the comments!

Peter Murdock for Architectural Digest
Peter Murdock for Architectural Digest
Peter Murdock for Architectural Digest

Head to Architectural Digest for the rest of the space. What room would you have Sims design in your home?

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