This Is What Successful Women Should Do Every Monday

Monday mantras usually fall somewhere along the lines of "I'm allergic to Mondays" or "Sorry, I'm not good at people-ing today." And while I personally identify with more than a few of these sentiments on the first day of the week, these mottos don't yield much in the way of productivity. If anything, Monday may be the number one day of the week in which you need a go-to routine.

LinkedIn influencer and entrepreneur Karl McDonnell recently offered up his own tips for success, giving some insight into the ways in which he primes his week for productivity. McDonnell's advice is simple: Jot down a list of things you've been putting off, and mark two or three key items to tackle in the coming week. While McDonnell usually accomplishes this task on Sunday night, as reported by Business Insider, it's easily transferable, and the perfect Monday morning or evening palate cleanser for your mounting to-do list.

"It may sound like a simple task, but it’s a step that the vast majority of Americans fail to take," writes McDonnell. "Vowing to conquer at least three things you’re avoiding in the coming week helps set you up for success in several key ways," including giving you a sense of clarity, forcing you to face your fears, and helping you to prioritize.

Interested in testing out this method for yourself?Jot down your list in this Julia Kostreva notebook, and share your review in the comments below.