3 Easy Ways to Cut Costs When Traveling

Many people hate to travel because they think it’s too expensive. However, there are other types, let’s call them frugal travelers, who know that globe-trotting doesn’t have to break the bank. A recent story on Money points out just this fact. Writer Jim Wang says that “if you are smart with where and how you spend your money, even the most extravagant-looking trip is within the realm of possibility. It can be even cheaper if you know what upsells and traps to avoid.” Wang then goes on to list out ways in which the frugal—and savvy—traveler can cut costs while traveling.

  1. Frugal travelers don’t pay for luggage fees. Instead, they pack accordingly and bring only what they need. Wang advises checking “the restrictions beforehand so you’re not hit with any surprises. Some airlines are very strict about carry-on dimensions! Also, when you price flights, remember the luggage rules because one bag fee can turn the cheapest flight into the most expensive one.”
  2. Frugal travelers eat like locals and get lodging with a kitchen. They head to the grocery store and stock up on breakfast and snack items so they don’t have to eat out for every meal. They also always pack their own snacks when traveling by air—airport food is expensive!
  3. Frugal travelers don’t purchase small incidentals. They don’t forget toothpaste, clothes, or shoes. They plan ahead and make a checklist of everything they need to take on trips. Then they review this list while packing to ensure they don’t forget anything and end up with unexpected expenses.

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