17 Monochromatic Living Rooms That Are Anything But Boring

We give you permission to decorate an entire room in your favorite color.

Cream monochromatic living room
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We’ve gone through most of our lives believing that more color is better when it comes to decorating. And while that might be true with some spaces, we can’t help but think that a monochromatic color palette can be inextricably chic in its own right — especially in living rooms. Just think: a crisp all-white room that's clean without even trying too hard or a gray parlor that exudes style from floor to ceiling.

And it's not just white or gray monochromatic color schemes that we're loving on: it's the all-over reds, blues and unexpected pinks that brighten up a room and transform the space into something entirely new. 

In pursuit of the best monochromatic living room inspiration, we searched Instagram high and low. Below, we rounded up 17 of our favorite spaces that are convincing us to color coordinate our homes ASAP. 

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King of the Jungle

Without even trying, a green color palette can instantly transform an inside space into an air-conditioned version of the outdoors. Here, we love how the decor plays into the leafy green nature of the color by accenting the room with gold palm leaves, an excess of plants and playful jungle creatures.

swan head
Graham And Green Majesty Swan Head $48
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Crisp & Clean

The secret to a room that looks truly clean is the right shade of white: not too blue-toned, but definitely not cream. The payoff of finding this clean white color is a space that looks completely effortless and put together. After that, you just have to remember to keep it clean. 

Sigmund Pendant
Serena & Lily Sigmund Pendant $598
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Go Greige

If we had to pick our favorite neutral, there would be a hard tie between gray and beige — both flattering in their own ways. That’s why we love “greige,” the perfect blend between the two shades. The shade matches perfectly with other subtle tones, like soft sage greens and creams. But when it takes over an entire room on its own, it’s pure magic.

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Into the Blue

Nothing quite exudes the essence of importance more than deep, royal blue. In a monochromatic room, its best accented with large paintings, thick drapery, velvet touches, and, of course, classic chandelier lighting. If you ask us, after 5 minutes in this room, we’d feel on top of the world. 

Vera Sofa
Anthropologie Vera Sofa $2698
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Pearly White

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love white rooms. But off-white rooms that use shades of cream, are just as good (if not better). The neutral color palette is relaxing and soothing, as if any stress floats away the second you sit down on one of the comfy couches. 

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Tangerine Dream

In our (sort of humble) opinion, we believe that orange is the most under-appreciated decor color. It’s used sparingly in kitchens. But in bedrooms and living rooms? Rarely. In a living area, we love the idea of mixing shades to bring out the palette: with a peach wall, blood orange paintings and crushed velvet tangerine pillows. 

orange pillow
Urban Outfitters Round Pintuck Pillow $39
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Brown but Not Boring

As far as colors go, brown has never had the best reputation. But where some see limitations, we see opportunity. It’s all about mixing and matching textures: bronzed metals, deep woods, plush tans. The result? A monochromatic room that’s anything but basic and boring.

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Stone Cold

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a fireplace in our homes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t infuse the aesthetic of stone into our homes. All it takes is a soft gray color palette and a little creativity. And if all else fails, a freestanding electric stove does the trick.

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Berry Sweet

Is it pink? Is it purple? The world may never know, but what we’re sure of is that this berry-toned color palette makes one heck of a monochromatic color palette for any living space. For maximum color payoff, go minimal with accessories to let the wall color and furniture speak for itself.

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Black Is the New Black

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that black will always be in style. It’s chic and it goes with literally any other color (yes, even brown). But on its own? It’s dynamite. This fresh take on the monochromatic color palette keeps it from being too dark by incorporating small pops of bright color. 

Black Ornate Textured Hand-Crafted Resin Picture Frame
Laura Ashley 8x10 Black Ornate Textured Hand-Crafted Resin Picture Frame $37
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Under the Sea

Somewhere between green and blue lies a seafoam color that is undeniably appealing as an interior design color palette. To play into the idea of lush underwater feeling, incorporate plants, luxurious fabrics, and twinkling lights. Yes, you are part of this world. 

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Neutral Pink

Pink can, and should be, considered a neutral. Dusty, blush pink acts more like a neutral beige than it does an accent color. With that said, a neutral blush pink color theme is just what a room needs. Add in a pink sectional couch and luscious pink curtains and a room feels completely sophisticated. 

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Sleek Slate

When it comes to gray decor, the hardest debacle is between warm or cool tones. But this slate color palette has us convinced that cool-toned gray is the way to go. The best part? It pairs wonderfully with clean white — so you can work it into an open floor plan with white kitchen cabinetry. 

Geo Throw Pillow
Urban Outfitters Geo Textured Throw Pillow $40
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Rouge Allure

Red is one of those colors that evokes a lot of emotion: romance, excitement, drama, power. And in a room, this means there’s a massive flow of energy. Rather than incorporating this color palette with paint (which we would normally do right off the bat), go for accent furniture and accessories to bring this deep color to life. 

Everly Quinn sofa
Everly Quinn Kitts Classic Chesterfield Sofa $629
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Good as Gold

With Roman column-inspired architecture, it’s no question whether this room was plucked straight from a sophisticated flat on NYC’s Upper East Side. But you don’t have to live in a high-rise apartment to replicate the feeling of this apartment. The golden yellow decor pieces scream luxury. 

Brittnie Faul Linen Curtain
Birch Lane Brittnie Faux Linen Curtain $23
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Midcentury Moody

There are very few times when we don’t love midcentury modern decor in the living room. Case in point: this cerulean blue living room has everything we could ever want. Besides the wood cabinetry and oversized clock, the blue couch and blue wallpaper bring everything together.

Mid-Century Media Console
West Elm Mid-Century Media Console $399
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Calm, Cool & Collected

We’ve waxed poetic about gray. But this warm-toned gray has to be one of our favorites. The way the cement-colored walls blend with the couches and curtains invites guests to sit down and stay for a while. Not to mention, can you imagine how cozy this room would be on a cold winter night? 

Revive Upholstered Fabric Loveseat
Modway Revive Upholstered Fabric Loveseat $484

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