This Is How Creative Leaders Decorate Their Offices for Success

It’s no secret that successful people need a system for setting goals. Successful creatives, however, choose to do things with artistic flair. Enter the mood board, a creative collage in an office space, a dressing room, a kitchen, or even a bedroom, to spark creativity and inspire outside-the-box thinking. And since we know that seeing is, in fact, believing, let your mood board be a visual reminder and motivator, a way to rally your spirits to make your dreams a reality. By collecting and curating imagery, inspirational quotes, and even the occasional to-do list, you’ll retain a focus on making your goals happen. Think of it as a literal creative wall that’s there to help, well, when you hit a figurative creative wall. After all, a little bit of clutter can be a sign of intelligence. It’s time to decorate your workspace with a creative collage of chic imagery that encourages your mind to wander.

The best part? Just like you, your mood board should be constantly evolving: We recommend adding and removing, repositioning, or swapping your inspiration on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis as a way to constantly remind yourself that, no matter what life’s challenges may be at any given moment, you got this.

Scroll for a serious dose of inspiration: Our most inspiring mood boards are ahead.

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