These 5 Houseplants Are Like "Living, Breathing Antidepressants"

Updated 05/06/19
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Sometimes, all you need to lighten your mood is a touch of nature in any space, especially when you call a bustling city home. While Stanford University researchers recently confirmed the mental health benefits of hiking or simply spending time outside, bringing the outside in can also be a viable solution. But as Elle Decor points out, not all plants and herbs are created equal; some are more calming than others. The magazine even goes so far as to say the following five plants are like "living, breathing antidepressants." Consider adding them to your home to ease stress and anxiety and foster feelings of happiness.

Tessa Neustadt for Amber Interiors

Basil: Thanks to the compound linalool, basil smells delicious and can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It also emits oxygen for 20 hours a day.

English Ivy: This easy-to-care-for plant scores a nine out of 10 when it comes to cleaning the air; add it to your home to breathe a bit easier.

Boston Fern: This is another powerful air purifier, removing up to 1863 toxins per hour. The magazine recommends it for added peace of mind.

Lavender: Whether in plant or essential oil form, lavender is one of the most widely researched anti-anxiety herbs out there. Add a few sprigs to your bedroom or try an oil diffuser.

Rosemary: This woody herb has been said to encourage inner peace, promote positivity, and ease depression and anxiety.

Head over to Elle Décor for more.

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