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A Moody Makeover Totally Transformed This Seattle Tudor-Style Home

Navy blue kitchen cabinets and brown barstools.

Miranda Estes Photography

Melinda and Tony Issakov moved into Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood from Perth, Australia, with their two young children five years ago. They purchased a near-100-year-old home with great bones—but its cramped galley kitchen, uninspired front room, and family living room needed an overhaul.

Designer Kimberlee Gorsline of Kimberlee Marie Interiors was brought in initially in 2018 to work with the couple, and she ultimately completed an impressive revamp over two phases. 

“When they came to us, they had a ton of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram,” the designer says. 

Brown kitchen dining table.

Miranda Estes Photography

The front room, which is a nod to traditional parlors common in their native Australia, is filled with jewel tones. “She knew off the bat she wanted something really dark and moody,” Gorsline says. “It was really exciting because so few clients want to take that plunge and commit to something so bold.” 

The emerald green sofa was the first find, while the dark blue paint—which covers not just the walls but the arched ceiling—and old-world wallpaper added a historic charm.

“The direction for that space was clear, so we helped them balance the color palette through accents and décor,” she says. The homeowner’s own antique cabinet, fine china, and collected vintage finds complete the room. 

Green sitting room with velvet sofa.

Miranda Estes Photography

The direction for that space was clear, so we helped them balance the color palette through accents and décor.

Due to budget constraints, phase two began in 2019, and consisted of a new passthrough TV room and grand, airy kitchen. The former galley kitchen is now a bright and colorful family space, filled with built-in storage and a poppy pink couch.

As the kitchen is so bright, Gorsline wanted this space to be a middle ground. The painted ceiling— which the designer went through several greens to find the right swatch—acts as another connecting point between both rooms. 

White sitting room with pink velvet couch.

Miranda Estes Photography

The kitchen, the final piece of the design puzzle and the most dramatic renovation, features a similar deep blue to the parlor, as well as a Lacanche range, the jewel of the kitchen.

“She’s a serious baker and loves to cook and bake, so now she has space to prep and for her Kitchen Aid,” she says.

Marble backsplash and navy kitchen cabients.

Miranda Estes Photography

Another fun addition was the paneled refrigerator. “Initially, there was going to be a pantry there, but due to the budget, we were left with some space to play with,” she says. “Plus, it was easy from a construction standpoint.” The arched entryway and wood-paneled fridge, which comes off as more of a sophisticated furniture piece than a utilitarian appliance, makes a big impact.

Overall, the family loves the eclectic design, the massively improved functionality, and the beauty of each space.