The Surprising Way More and More People Are Getting to Work

The coolest new way to get to work? Biking. According to a story on CityLab, a census taken by the American League of Bicyclists shows that more people are riding bikes to work, particularly in areas where cycling has been made a top priority. “If you build the lanes,” writes Laura Bliss, “cyclists will come.”

The top 10 cities where the most people are biking to work include New York; Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; Chicago; San Francisco; Seattle; Washington D.C.; Philadelphia; Minneapolis; and San Diego. In these cities, thanks to decades of dedicated investment in cycling infrastructure, bike commuters have safer routes for getting to work.

Although the number of people biking to work is still very small—less than 1% of all commuters—it’s a slowly but surely growing group. “More Americans are biking to work as cities roll out necessary infrastructure and road-safety policies. Nationwide, from 2000 to 2014, bicycle commuting has grown 62%.” As someone who is dying to get a bike, I think it’s awesome more cities are supporting cyclists.

A classic cruiser with a basket is what I’m in the market for.

Would you ride your bike to work if there were safe bike lanes and a proper place for storing your bike?