3 Small, Realistic Tweaks That Will Actually Improve Your Mornings

With daylight saving time disrupting morning routines near and far last week, attention must be paid to this sacred a.m. ritual. While it may be easy for the early birds to adjust, one less hour of sleep is anything but casual for the night owls among us. So how can we adjust our bodies to this slight time change and make the most of our mornings? Aside from the obvious—going to bed earlier and planning for a full eight hours of sleep—there are small ways to reclaim your mornings and start each day off with a positive mindset. According to entrepreneurs, life coaches, and the like, here's how to upgrade your morning routine and change your life for the better: 

Change Your Alarm Tone

A gut-wrenching alarm isn't going to help you ease into your day—especially if you aren't a morning person. Consider changing your alarm tone to calming ocean waves or even one of your favorite songs to peacefully rouse you from your slumber. Scientists have proven that music makes you happier, so why not take advantage of that each and every morning? Try the Wake app to get up gently. 

Set Aside Time for Yourself

As we mentioned above, a productive morning starts with a well-planned night. Rather than going to bed and waking up as late as possible, adjust your sleep schedule to budget for 10 to 20 minutes of relaxation each morning—it will change the tone of your entire day. Give yourself time to wake up slow and do something you enjoy, whether it's drinking a cup of coffee in silence or scrolling through Instagram.

Eat a high-protein breakfast

No matter how early you wake up, you won't get very far without a nutrient-rich breakfast to sustain you. Energy levels aside, eating a hearty breakfast has also been shown to boost metabolism at the start of each day. Consider whipping up one of these high-protein avocado-and-egg combinations or sipping a superfood smoothie.

How do you make your morning routine as pleasurable as possible? Share your tips with us below!