The Daily Routines Mentally Tough People Follow

It's no secret we have a mild obsession with the routines of successful people. Whether it be Arianna Huffington's a.m. habits, Victoria Beckham's weekend routine, or Jessica Alba's workday mantra, we're always open to learning how women we admire manage to do it all. So, when the team at Inc. examined the habits of the mentally resilient—think world leaders like Barack Obama, Olympians, and Navy SEALs—it caught our attention. Here are the top three lessons we gleaned to kick-start your day and prep yourself to tackle any challenge ahead.

If you have a particularly difficult day ahead, learn from U.S. Olympians and visualize the task at hand. Inc. reports that champion athletes are taught to imagine themselves going through the motion of a race to boost their willpower. By focusing on the process, such as a presentation or meeting, and not just the proverbial finish line, you'll boost self-confidence and could come up with unexpected solutions.

It's estimated that we say up to 1000 words to ourselves every minute, which is why Navy SEALs are trained in positive self-talk. In moments of despair, they talk themselves through the issue and calm their nerves with reassuring thoughts. To try this technique in your own routine, using your morning commute to think about the day ahead. If you find yourself feeling anxious or negative about a task, try to reframe the issue as a challenge and tell yourself that it's within your power to tackle it.

Despite his demanding schedule, President Barak Obama reveals he starts his day by making time for his family. Each morning before tackling the demands of his day, he eats breakfast with wife Michelle and helps daughters Sasha and Malia get ready for school. Connecting with those you care about at the start of your day will help provide perspective and remind you that there's support if ever you feel overwhelmed.

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