Morning Routines You Should Adopt Before You Turn 30


Our 20s are largely spent figuring things out—and this starts with kicking off our day on the right foot. From how to wake up sans hangover to how to start our day on a healthy note and how to be on time—every small decision we make when our eyes first open in the morning can have a significant impact on our day, our health, our happiness, and our level of success. Take it from one MyDomaine editor who is turning 30 today: There comes a time when being fashionably late is no longer cute and when feeling flustered in the morning gets really old. 

The good news is that with a few small tweaks to our morning routines, we can significantly alter the first hours of our day and become more happier, healthier, and more productive in the process. Are you looking to break your bad snoozing habit? Want to have a more organized home and schedule? Do you want to focus your energy on what truly matters? It all starts with these helpful morning habits to adopt now.

Skip the Snooze Button

To get rid of a bad snooze-button habit, our very own CEO, Katherine Power, swears by scheduling an early morning sweat session. Hitting snooze even once can affect your sleeping pattern and throw off your body's natural circadian rhythm. By holding yourself accountable to attending a morning workout, you skip the snooze button and jump straight into a good habit. 

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Set the Tone

It's proven that even the most menial task can help you jump-start your productivity for an entire day. Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven swears by it. The simple act of making your bed when getting up can encourage you to check off more tasks on your to-do list—resulting in a more productive day.

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Start Your Day With a Workout

A morning routine that's good enough for President Obama is good enough for us. The president begins his day with a 45-minute workout. An intense morning workout can act as shock therapy, and result in feeling accomplished for having achieved something really challenging first thing in the morning. If you can get through a crack of dawn sweat session, you can tackle anything.

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Tackle Your Hardest Tasks First

To increase your productivity, tackle high-priority projects and challenging tasks first thing in the morning. According to Business Insider, early morning this is the optimal time to get things done—cross your top-priority tasks off your list first and your daily schedule will immediately feel lighter. No more procrastinating.

Listen to Upbeat Tunes

Business Insider says that listening to upbeat music in the morning can help you wake up on a more positive note. Set the tone for your day with an uplifting playlist and let your spirits soar.

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Get Organized

What do Sir Richard Branson and Martha Stewart have in common? Apart from extremely successful businesses, the two moguls know how to maximize their mornings to be more organized. Branson starts his day with some high-level planning so no hours of his day go unused. Stewart begins the day by tackling a few chores. After all, "Clean home, clear mind" is a motto for a reason.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Making menial decisions first thing in the morning such as what to eat for breakfast or what to wear to work can actually take away from decisions that truly matter. Instead of wasting brain power on unimportant choices, plan your outfits the night before and prepare your breakfast ahead. Your morning just became much more streamlined.

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Take Care of Your Body

Do you often wake up feeling low on energy? A few things could be to blame. Cameron Diaz starts her day by forcing herself to drink a bottle of water to counteract the dehydrating effects of a long night's sleep. In fact, dehydration could be a culprit to you feeling sluggish in the morning. Professor Donald Layman also suggests eating lean protein to help sustain blood sugar levels in the morning and boost energy throughout the day.

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Detox Your System

If you had one cocktail too many the night before or simply want to reset your digestive system, wake up with a cup of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon. Not only is it hydrating and replenishing, it also helps your liver produce enzymes to encourage digestion and the elimination of toxins in the body, according to Dr. Lipman of He also recommends the benefits of dry brushing before the shower to slough off old cells, unclogg pores, and stimulate circulation beneath the skin. 

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Visualize Success

When a challenging day lies ahead, it can be easy to delay the inevitable by staying in bed longer and procrastinating—but that usually only results in feeling more stressed and unprepared when it's time to start your day. Instead, take note from U.S. Olympians who use visualization to boost their willpower. Take some time to focus on your challenge ahead—visualize showing up prepared and crossing the proverbial finish line. Boosting your confidence is half the battle.

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