This Buzzy Travel Destination Is Inspiring Our Latest Décor Obsession—Here’s Why

Bloggers are traveling to Morocco in droves this year. And who could blame them? From posing in archways in Marrakech to glamping in the Atlas Mountains to riding camels in the Sahara, there is no shortage of inspiration or Instagrammable opportunity. Truth be told, I’ve been convinced, and I’m getting ready to travel to Marrakech next month myself. But the past few months of trip inspiration and preparation have got me thinking: Rather than let FOMO get the best of you, why not bring the Moroccan style home to create your own gram-worthy interior? Moroccan influences on interior design are now trending in new, modern ways that extend far beyond the pouf. The point is, you don’t have to wait to travel to the desert to get the desert-chic look at home (that doesn’t mean I’m canceling my trip, though!).

The newest wave in Moroccan-inspired interiors takes a more modern approach to embracing the exotic. Treat each space the way a minimalist would—with restraint. So rather than bringing in all the colors from the bazaar, keep a focused color palette. Instead of creating a Moroccan theme in a room, incorporate one or two iconic Moroccan pieces that help to create a layered, worldly look without going overboard. In the end, bringing travels and eclectic inspiration into the home space is a great way to showcase your personal design style and unique inspiration, so it’s all about curating the well-traveled tale that you want to tell at home.

Ready to take a world traveler’s approach to your home turf? Scroll for 11 inspiring interiors that give Moroccan style a modern twist.