Morocco Calling: How to See the Most Instagrammable Country in the World

It's impossible to accurately describe Morocco without involving all of the senses. The first thing that stands out about the cultural major city, Marrakech, is the scent: Market stalls overflow with carts of fragrant spices, and the air is filled with the heady aroma of cumin and cinnamon. Then there's the chorus of the city. A steady melodic voice rises above the chatter of the marketplace as the call to prayer resounds from the mosques that dot the city. And you can't forget the colors—it's as if Morocco were made for Instagram.

Given how photogenic the city is, it's no wonder that bloggers and celebrities are flocking to Marrakech in force. Thanks to DJ Hannah Bronfman's recent nuptials at the iconic La Mamounia hotel, our Instagram feed has been awash with images of her guests' adventures, reminding us why the North African nation is such an incredible place to go on vacation.

If you've been dreaming of seeing Morocco in person, but you've been hesitant about how to explore the country, we've laid out a simple itinerary for you. Inspired by the snaps of some of our favorite Instagrammers, it hits all the major attractions, from Marrakech to the "blue city," Chefchaouen.

Quit scrolling through your feed and start planning: This is the best way to explore the most Instagrammable country in the world, Morocco.


Have you been to Morocco? What are your top recommendations to eat, sleep, and do?