Guaranteed: These Are the 13 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

There's something majestic and powerful about bridges. Maybe it's because they symbolize the miraculous connection between two seemingly distant, separate places, or maybe it's because they allow us to look out over roaring waters from great heights without the risk of getting too close. They're a testament to our ability to grow as we overcome obstacles and transitions. Bridges also tend to make drives a lot more scenic and usually faster since the whole point is to ease travel and transport.

One thing is for sure: Bridges tend to create some of the most stunning views in the world, puncturing mountain panoramas, quaint river scenes, and bustling cityscapes. So we're spotlighting the 13 of the most beautiful bridges in the world to plan your next trip around. Take a look and decide which ones you want to cross in real life and off your travel bucket list. Happy trails.