These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds to Bring Home



Ask any pet parent what the most beautiful dog breed is, and they will probably, unsurprisingly, say the name that their pet belongs to. Sara Stuart is no different; her adorable dog, Buddy Cruiser, gets her vote, but that doesn't mean that she can't admire other four-legged studs, too. As a social media expert in the pet industry, Stuart has spent the last five years working on well-known sites devoted to praising all the good looks and beloved quirks of these animals. She knows which breeds are more likely to turn heads, but she's like a good mom: She doesn't play favorites.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the truly beautiful thing about dogs lies in the wide variety of their behavior and appearances," she says. "With so much variety across dog breeds, it's hard to accept that a tiny three-pound chihuahua and a massive 130 pound Newfoundland are the same animal, but they are. Determining the most beautiful dog breeds is not only a challenge; it's borderline impossible due to the variety."

Still, Stuart knows that those looking to bring a dog home would appreciate some help in narrowing those choices down, so we asked her for some tips on which ones they may want to pay attention to in their search (she recommends adoption, too).

From hounds with perfectly shiny coats to those with long tails and button noses, these are the 10 most beautiful dog breeds to bring home—or simply to admire.