Channel Julie Andrews When You Visit These Beautiful Mountain Towns

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If there's any travel destination that strikes the ideal balance between being relaxing, enriching, and exciting year-round, it's a mountain town. With crisp air, astounding views, charming small-town vibes, resort facilities, and outdoor adventure at your fingertips, what more could you want? That's why we decided to highlight the most beautiful mountain towns around the country. Whether you're in the market for a little Westworld adventure (minus the violent delights with violent ends, of course) or you feel like frolicking through rolling hills like Maria in The Sound of Music, these beautiful mountain towns will spark your travel bug and get you pumped up for fall. And they're all stateside, so you won't have to travel too far to reach these sky-high locales. Scroll down to find your next favorite mountain getaway, no matter the season.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont in the fall

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The Mountain-Town Charm: Situated in northern Vermont, Stowe is known as the ski capital of the east, thanks to its charming town center and expansive ski resorts. It's hard to believe this little gem is located right in our own backyard. 

Population: 4470

Elevation: 889 feet

Similar Destination: North Conway, New Hampshire

Moab, Utah

Landscape shot of SUV driving through Moab, Utah

Jess Wandering

The Mountain-Town Charm: Though all you can see is colorful marbled mountains and an open road, that's kind of the point. While there is a downtown area in Moab, this is the mountain town to visit when you want to escape the city and enjoy the outdoors. The surrounding boulders and planes are the perfect backdrop for hot-air balloon rides, paleontology expeditions, kayaking, and painting. Go here to reconnect with the environment. 

Population: 5250

Elevation: 4026 feet

Similar Destination: Saint George, Utah

Nevada City, California

Snowcapped historic buildings of Nevada City, California

Josh Miller Photography / Getty Images

The Mountain-Town Charm: Walking along the main drag in Nevada City, California, is like taking a step back in time. The historic buildings are imminently charming, and off in the distance, you can see the pine trees and Sierras. Hang by the river to cool off during the afternoon, and then have some fun at the local street fair in the evening. Fall and spring are gorgeous times to hike just outside of town, too. 

River scene in Nevada City, California

Alan Hartnick

Population: 3130

Elevation: 2477 feet

Similar Destination: Galena, Illinois

Missoula, Montana

Shopfronts in Missoula, Montana
Bon Traveler

The Mountain-Town Charm: More of a city than a tiny town, Missoula, Montana, was incorporated in 1883, so you can expect plenty of historic architecture and museums. There's also a renowned art museum and world-class ski resorts for snow sports enthusiasts and culture buffs alike. 

Population: 73,400

Elevation: 3209 feet

Similar Destination: Deadwood, South Dakota

Sheridan, Wyoming

Ranch-style home in Sheridan, Wyoming
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The Mountain-Town Charm: The original thriving economies of Sheridan, Wyoming, were typical of the region, including industries like cattle ranches, coal mining, and logging. Ranch culture is still alive and well, and coal mining is still one of the biggest industries in the area. A lot of visitors stay at Canyon Ranch, a 3000-acre private reserve that's been run by the same family for over a century. It's a short drive away in Big Horn, Wyoming. 

Corner of downtown Sheridan, Wyoming
Bon Traveler

Population: 30,210

Elevation: 3734 feet

Similar Destination: Casper, Wyoming

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Aerial shot of Eureka Springs, Arkansas / Getty Images

The Mountain-Town Charm: Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is so picturesque it may as well have popped out of a children's storybook. It was even officially called the Magic City at one point. One of its many charming features is well-preserved Victorian homes and shops on cobblestone streets that climb up the sides of the narrow valley. Just outside the town center, find natural healing springs and the winding White River, which sits at the foot of breathtaking foliage. And, the town gets high marks for inclusivity; it has some of the strictest anti-discrimination laws in the state (it was also the first city to issue same-sex marriage licenses) and has even been dubbed the "Southern-fried San Francisco."

Population: 2074

Elevation: 1260 feet

Similar Destination: Dahlonega, Georgia

Telluride, Colorado

Streetscape of downtown Telluride, Colorado
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The Mountain-Town Charm: Telluride is visually striking no matter the season, and the small-town sense of community is contagious. Surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, the main strip is lined with authentic saloon-like bars, boutique gourmet eateries, and old-school chophouses. Head away from the downtown area toward the trails, and you'll find striking electric-blue mountain springs.

Population: 2420

Elevation: 8750 feet

Similar Destination: Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

Whitefish, Montana

Lodge sits at the base of a mountain and next to a lake in Whitefish, Montana

Jess Wandering

The Mountain-Town Charm: If you're looking for a resort town smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, check out Whitefish, Montana. It's located close to Glacier National Park, a breathtaking wilderness reserve full of glacier peaks, valleys, and lakes. It's one of the best places in the U.S. for backcountry hiking and backpacking trips. Stay at the Many Glacier Hotel if you're backpacking, and don't let the Shining vibes scare you away.  

Population: 7608

Elevation: 3028 feet

Similar Destination: Hamilton, Montana

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

View of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

ablokhin / Getty Images

The Mountain-Town Charm: By far, the tiniest town on our list population-wise, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is a gem along the Shenandoah River, right in the middle of the Appalachian Trail. It sits right at the border of West Virginia and Maryland and is flanked by two rivers. Though it calls for an epic John Denver playlist, sits right in the American heartland, and is home to a historic railroad bridge, there's just something about it that looks European.

Buildings of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
Public Domain Pictures

Population: 286

Elevation: 489 feet

Similar Destination: Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania 

Lake Tahoe, California

A winding road in Lake Tahoe, California

Bon Traveler

The Mountain-Town Charm: No matter what time of year you visit Lake Tahoe, the beauty of the crystal-clear lake, mountains, and fresh air is always astounding. There are several towns around the lake, the four main ones being South Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Incline Village, and Tahoe City. Hit the slopes in the winter, and partake in water sports during the summer. Or go hiking and rock-climbing, if you're more of a land person. There are also plenty of other mountain towns along the way if you drive here from San Francisco or Sacramento (in which case, definitely stop and visit Auburn!) 

Population: 21,978 (South Lake Tahoe)

Elevation: 6237 feet (South Lake Tahoe)

Similar Destination: Julian, California

Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock, Vermont in the fall

Lauren Wells

The Mountain-Town Charm: Woodstock, Vermont, is as picture-perfect as it gets. But it's more than just photogenic… It conjures up images of the British countryside, making you feel like you've stepped inside a time machine and landed in the 19th century. Rustic wooden fences, historic bridges, roaming sheep, and rolling hills abound. And while the shot above may bring out the pumpkin spice lover in you, it's a beautiful destination all year long.

Young person stands at entrance to Woodstock Country Store

Lauren Wells

Population: 2932

Elevation: 702 feet

Similar Destination: Waitsfield, Vermont

Lee, Massachusetts

Lee, Massachusetts in the fall

DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

The Mountain-Town Charm: Lee encompasses two villages in the Berkshires, South and East Lee. A former mill town, it's famous for its high-quality marble, picturesque ponds, and charming bed-and-breakfasts with old-world New England vibes. Stay at Santarella Estate & Gardens if you want to feel like you live inside a happier version of "Hansel and Gretel." 

Old world New England architecture in Lee, Massachusetts

Lauren Wells

Population: 5943

Elevation: 1000 feet

Similar Destination: North Adams, Massachusetts

Winthrop, Washington

A cabin in winter in Winthrop, Washington

Jess Wandering

The Mountain Town Charm: Winthrop, Washington, wasn't officially incorporated until 1924. Much of the town looks like a set straight out of Westworld, and it sits right near North Cascades National Park. Fresh pine-scented air abounds. If you visit during summer, don't miss the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival for music, food, craft vendors, and more.

Population: 394

Elevation: 1768 feet

Similar Destination: Ojai, California

Aspen, Colorado

A Jeep winds through Aspen, Colorado

Karl Shakur

The Mountain-Town Charm: Aspen is the ultimate mountain resort town, offering up world-class shopping, delicious dining, and, as we mentioned, gorgeous scenery. Everywhere you look, the views will take your breath away (Smuggler's Mountain is the best lookout point to hike to for views of the town.) In the summer, try to plan your trip to attend the annual jazz festival. Catch a show at Belly Up, party on the mountain at Cloud Nine, eat at chic sushi restaurant Matsuhisa, or ski to dinner at the remote Pine Creek Lodge.

Floating hot air balloons in Aspen, Colorado

Jeremy Swanson

Population: 7359

Elevation: 8460 feet

Similar Destination: Sitka, Alaska

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