The Most Beautiful Towns in the United States That Feel International

Destinations like the South of France, Marrakech, and Patagonia sit at the top of many travel bucket lists. And while all of those places definitely deserve to be there, there are also plenty of locales that are much more accessible from the U.S., and they happen to boast an international appeal. If you think we're referring to the big cosmopolitan cities, think again—we're actually talking about some of the tiniest towns in the country.

To make our case, we're spotlighting the most beautiful towns in the United States, and they all have one thing in common: They offer a hybrid of that quaint Friday-night-football spirit while also offering European style and unique character. Some are reminiscent of the English countryside, some feel like Cinque Terre, and others are like a trip to yesteryear. Take a virtual tour below to see why the most beautiful towns in the United States are bucket list–worthy.