The 13 Common Cooking Mistakes Chefs Never Make

Raise your hand if you love ordering roasted chicken at restaurants but would never attempt cooking it at home. We get it. Cooking can be intimidating. From figuring out how to properly seasoning a protein to knowing when to add oil to a hot pan, getting in the kitchen can be daunting enough to make you want to cling to your remote and just watch Anthony Bourdain eat something delicious instead.

That said, we're here to help you get over your fears and master everything from roasting salmon to chopping vegetables, so we tapped 13 chefs to find out which common cooking mistakes you can (and should) avoid. After all, who better to weigh in on this topic than professionals who've clocked countless hours in the kitchen? Ahead, the pros divulge the mistakes they'd never make and how you can avoid making them too.