This Is What the Most Expensive Home in Beverly Hills Looks Like (It's $100M)

Beverly Hills is home to some of the most elaborate and beautiful properties in the world, most notable for the hefty price tag associated with living in the posh neighborhood's zip code. And if you've ever imagined what the most expensive home in the Hills would entail—wonder no more. Elle Decor released photos of the California mansion, dubbed Opus (yes, the home has a name), which was recently listed at $100 million by real-estate agent Drew Fenton of Hilton & Hyland.

As one would assume, the seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom home has a few outrageous features, not to mention insane views, which make for excellent selling points. One being a gold Rolls-Royce Dawn and a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, which are included in the asking price, to help fill the 10-car garage, referred to as a "museum." Not one, but two swimming pools, a full-service salon and wellness center, as well as a 20-foot waterfall are a few of the other fun details included on the property. Oh, and dare we fail to mention the champagne "vault" big enough to hold 170 bottles of champagne Cristal. But see for yourself.

Step inside the $100 million property below, and share your thoughts on the mansion (and its hefty price tag) in the comments.

Opening Image: Jim Bartsch