Fast Company's "Most Innovative Companies" List Is Seriously Inspiring

Fast Company recently released its “Most Innovative Companies of 2016” rankings, and this year’s list is great. Sure, some of our favorites like Snapchat, Everlane, Farfetch, Warby Parker, and of course, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, made the cut, but we're happy to find a slew of socially conscious companies rounding out the competitive list. Below are a few of our favorite innovators making waves among the top 50 booming businesses.

Sama: The nonprofit has a goal of leveling the playing field of opportunity for people in developing countries via technology and social business by providing access to work, education, and healthcare. Sama is redefining the structure of what a socially good business looks like by using private-sector methods in the hopes of scaling independently. Rank: 39.

Social Capital: The venture capital firm equips innovative companies with the funds necessary to become viable businesses. Social Capital invests in startups with disruptive ideas that have the potential to have a worldwide impact, like Rama, a wireless carrier providing low-cost Wi-Fi in developing nations and hopefully heading to the U.S. Rank: 34.

Black Lives Matter: The movement was created following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The organization has been a national force dedicated to opening up conversations around state violence, protecting and promoting basic human rights and dignity, and holding domestic terrorists and others who kill and otherwise silence black people accountable. Rank: 9.

Novocure: Innovative is exactly the word to describe this commercial-stage oncology company founded in 2002, which develops cutting-edge treatments for solid-tumor cancers. Novocure is known for a new type of cancer treatment called Optune, an alternative to chemotherapy, which uses electrical fields to attack brain tumors called glioblastomas. Rank: 16.

Robinhood: The brokerage app offers free stock trading in an effort to eliminate barriers and open the process to a whole new (and young) demographic. The company hopes to revolutionize trading with international expansion and open the door to benefit more people by broadening stock brokerage opportunities without commission fees. Rank: 11.

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