Google Ranks the Most Popular Father's Day Gifts Based on States

Updated 03/23/17
Captain and the Gypsy Kid

With Father's Day just around the corner, Americans are turning to their most trusted adviser and favorite college professor for gift ideas: the Internet. A day devoted to dads is bound to include some humorous gifts, and a state-by-state Google search analysis didn't disappoint. Per the analysis, as reported by Elle Decor, dads can expect lots of Star Wars–themed gifts, sports merchandise, and new clothing in 2016.

By far the largest trend was a shift toward high-tech presents. Googlers across the country—primarily on the East Coast—went the digital route, with users in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, Arizona, North Dakota, and Illinois searching for either "Apple Watch" or "Fitbit."

The prize for most thoughtful goes to Michigan, California, and Florida, whose residents simply googled "Shirt." Kentucky is evidently home to a budding coterie of wine connoisseurs while Virginia houses a lot of adult Batman enthusiasts. More location-specific gifts were searched in Colorado, Texas, and Wisconsin, who queried "Oakleys," "Dallas Cowboys Gifts," and "Green Bay Packers Gifts," respectively.

Meanwhile, Delaware threw us a complete curveball with "Dino Bio-Luminescent Pet." Who knew that was trending? And what do New Mexico and South Carolina have in common? Biker dads. The most commonly searched term for Father's Day was "Harley Davidson Gifts" in both states.

Aside from pure entertainment value, the analysis provides some fascinating insight into American popular culture—not to mention some great last-minute gift ideas. Skim the graph below to see what people are searching for in your state:

Elle Decor

Shop 2016's most popular Father's Day gifts below, and then let us know what you think of the search results!

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