These Will Be the Most Popular Jobs in the Next 10 Years

Looking to make a change in your career, or seeking something new you feel isn't out there? Well, it may just be a matter of time before a new crop of job options pop up that are right up your alley.

With the pace of rapidly changing technology, some of the jobs that exist today may be obsolete in a few years or more. More exciting is that we can expect to see a whole new set of occupations in demand to meet the world's changing needs. Futurism had futurists chime in on what brand-new jobs they predict will emerge a decade from now. We picked out four favorites that have us getting excited about the future.

Smart-Home Handyperson: The industry of smart-home products is booming and developing more rapidly than many of us can keep up with. Every year brings new innovations to incorporate into our homes, from our home security to electricity to refrigerators. Graeme Codrington, futurist at TomorrowToday Global, thinks that as it becomes more the standard to integrate these devices and services, we'll need technically adept individuals and engineers to assist with ensuring a fully functioning smart home.

Freelance Professors: The whole system of education is shifting, and Joe Tankersley, futurist and strategic designer at Unique Visions notes, "There will be a large need for independent of freelance professors as teaching moves into the on-demand realm." Technology allows professors in search of academic freedom to reach the masses.

Virtual Reality Experience Designer: As virtual reality becomes more common in the entertainment and professional spaces, Codrington says, there will be a need for specialists who "can design and implement virtual reality experiences in all aspects of work, leisure, entertainment, business, travel, shopping, and other areas" and essentially make the user experience palatable to everyone.

Urban Farmers: According to Tankersley, "the 21st century may see the return of local farming." As more and more people live in urban areas and awareness of the negative impacts of industrial farming increases, there will be a demand for more local and sustainable options.

Do any of these budding occupations appeal to you? What's your dream job of the future?