This Is Where Every Fashion-Obsessed Traveler Will Go in 2018

If there's one thing we love more than travel, it's flying halfway around the world to go shopping. While sun-drenched locations are the ultimate antidote to a long winter (who doesn't love lying on a beach in Mexico?), our ideal destination is somewhere we need to take empty suitcases—all the better to shop these stunning flagship stores. Aside from the architecture and culture of these stylish cities, a huge part of their beauty is the people, and we love to immerse ourselves in the unique fashion and traditional clothing each location has to offer. And since New York, Paris, London, and Milan typically top the bucket list of most stylish jet-setters, we decided to feature locations you might not always think of. From their high-end boutiques to their iconic designers and chic influencers, these eight destinations are global leaders in style.