6 Easy Mother's Day Brunch Recipes Even Your Mother-in-Law Will Love

Camille Styles, founder of the eponymous lifestyle blog, has garnered a frenzied fan base over her mindful living habits. Here, she shares her favorite brunch recipes with MyDomaine.

Our moms give us endless support, advice, and laughs, asking for little in return. What better way to show our gratitude than by throwing an epic Mother's Day brunch? Of course nothing says "the pressure's on" quite like entertaining your mother, grandma, aunts, and perhaps even your mother in-law. Not only do they deserve something extra special as a thank-you for the countless meals they’ve prepared, but with the whole family gathered around the table, there's sure to be at least one critic in the bunch. Luckily, we've got a menu that is sure to satisfy all tastebuds yet is also ridiculously easy to prepare. Keep reading for the perfect brunch menu you can actually pull off.

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