10 Quotes About Mothers From Daughters (That'll Totally Melt Your Heart)

Moms are good at a lot of things—they're always able to make you feel better, they know just what to say in any situation, and they're pros at giving advice. Over the years, they impart their little pearls of wisdom on their daughters, hoping that maybe just a few will stick (guess what, they usually do!).

In honor of Mother's Day, we called on the coolest moms we know and asked them the question: "What's the one thing your mom taught you that you're teaching your kids?" From the sage advice of slowing down to enjoy life to working hard to achieve your dreams, these newer moms are taking a page from their own mothers' books when it comes to the lessons they’re teaching their children. After all, like mother like daughter. Scroll through to see the heartwarming responses we received to this question.

Camille Styles

Founder of CamilleStyles.com

"My mom taught me, quite literally, to always stop and smell the roses. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of my mom and I walking around our neighborhood, picking up interesting leaves and rocks, and breathing in the scent of a neighbor's lilac bushes, with her teaching me the names of every tree and flower along the way. We'd go home and add to our 'nature journal' that identified all the different varietals we'd seen, and to this day, my friends are always asking me how I happen to know the name of just about every flower. Not only did she instill in me a deep appreciation of the natural world; my mother also taught me a universal truth that I'm hoping to pass on to my own children: There's always time to enjoy the little moments of beauty in life, whether it's a gorgeous sunrise, the laughter of someone you love, a perfect cup of coffee, or ice cream sundaes for dinner."

Sarah Gibson Tuttle

Founder and CEO of Olive and June

"My mama has always been a stickler about please and thank you! She would say, 'Please is a nice word we sometimes use,' which perfectly encapsulates her personality: to the point and a little bit of teasing. It always made me giggle but also stand up a little straighter. It was such a good gentle reminder of manners. She and I both believe that how you speak to people really shapes a conversation, so please and thank you are part of my daily conversation with my daughter, Noah."

Alli Webb

Founder of Drybar

"'If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing'" was something I constantly heard from my mom growing up. It really stuck with me, and it's something I'm forever reminding my kids of … the importance of always trying to be kind to one another because you never know what someone else is going through (that's also something my mom used to say)."

Nicole Neves

President of Sequin Productions and Founder of My Sequin Life

"My favorite quote that reminds me of my mom is 'Work hard and dream big.' My mom taught me that hard work will pay off in the end. She had me as a young teen but didn't give up on her dreams. I was one year old when she walked at her high school graduation. Then, as a kid, I sat in the back of her college classrooms. She stayed focused on her dreams to get an education. This is important to show my kids that they can dream big, but they have to put the work behind it to make the dreams come true. Both my boys are very young to understand the bigger picture of this lesson. But we try to show them by telling them to practice and stay focused on the projects they are working on. For example, if they want to be the best at coloring, then they have to keep practicing to stay in the lines. It may be a little task right now, but this type of lesson will grow into bigger tasks as they get older."

Sara Riff

Co-Founder of The Hive Mag


Courtesy of Sara Riff

"My grandmother was always immensely positive even when she was losing her memory. She told me, 'It's okay, honey. … I wake up each day, and everything is new. Just be happy.' I was so impressed by her ability to focus on the silver lining. I think that outlook has a tremendous impact on every part of your life, so I do my best to instill an attitude of gratitude in my kids and focus on all the blessings that we have that are easy to take for granted."

Alicia Lund

"My mom didn't have help when we were growing up, so she took my sister and me everywhere with her. Because of herand other inspiring, on-the-go working moms who somehow balance and manage it allI knew I could do this mama thing! Rex is 6 months this week, and he's already such a little traveler/total people person. I bring him along to meetings and styled shootshe really enjoys new places and new people! I hope to instill an adaptable, go-with-the-flow mentality in him and that he learns the importance of a strong work ethic."


Actress and Host of Tia Mowry at Home

"I am teaching my son about integrity and characterthe importance of being a good person, whether that is teaching him about being polite and considerate or teaching him how to give back. Teaching this to my son means everything to me because I believe that is my purpose in life. I also believe that is why I am a happy person and a part of why I am successful. Living with integrity and character makes me feel like I am doing good, and I want my son to be an example of that."

Amri Kibbler

Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of heymama

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"My mom always told me, 'When faced with a tough situation, always put yourself in the other person's shoes.' This has helped me my whole life to keep my cool and be kind to other people, even when feeling frustrated. I genuinely believe most people mean well, and if you can see what's pushing their buttons or making them so upset, you come to a better agreement. As a kid, it helped me to see mean kids were suffering from something, and I've always been the peacemaker among my friends. It's my policy to treat others the way I'd like to be treated, even when they might not be doing what I'd like. 'Kindness will win you the war.' My daughter Mari is one of the most empathetic girls I know. She's always looking after her friends or swooping in to help a stranger who dropped her lunch. It takes a lot of work to stay a little soft and really care about the people around you—our hearts are easily bruised. I hope she can always see the good in other people and be ready to be a friend."

Katya Libin

Co-Founder and CEO of heymama

"My mama taught me to have confidence. She always raised me saying I could achieve whatever I set my mind to. I see that so much in my daughter, Liliana. She has no fear and takes on the world every day. I love the way she sings like no one is listening and approaches finding solutions to problems. I hope I can always continue to build on that strength so as she gets older she can figure things out, even when Mama's not there, and try not to let outside influences change the way she feels about herself."

Jacqui Saldana

Founder of Baby Boy Bakery

"The one thing my mom always told us growing up was 'Everything happens for a reason.' At the time, my sister and I thought it to be the most annoying response my mom ever served us. Every time when we were going through something we thought was terrible, my mom always said those words so very calmly and with a small smile. Truth be told, she was correct. Now a mother of two, I understand wholeheartedly the meaning and believe it 100%. Even after losing my 3-year-old son, I've come to realize things in life just happen. Everything truly does happen for a reason, whether we know the reason up front or not. There isn't much we have control over in life. However, we do have control over how we react to life and what it gives us. We must understand that things happen for reasons beyond us. We must know how to make light and find the good in all situations. … That is what my mother was teaching us all those years. And now I will tell my children the same."

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