This Motorized, Rideable Suitcase Will Change the Way You Travel

Forget hopping on an airport shuttle or waving down a security cart; a new project on Indiegogo wants to turn your suitcase into a motorized, rideable mini-car. The Modobag is the world's first rideable luggage that gets people to their destination three times faster, accommodating riders up to 200 pounds. The bag reaches speeds of up to eight miles per hour and weighs 19 pounds unpacked, according to PureWow.

The project just recently exceeded its campaign goal of $50,000 on Indiegogo, meaning the Modobag could be yours as soon as January 2017 for just shy of $1000. Chicago-based entrepreneur and avid traveler Kevin O'Donnell reportedly had the idea when pushing his kids around the airport on his suitcase.

But O'Donnell sees his creation as more than just a traveler's companion. The Modobag could also be of use for commuters, college students navigating a large campus, or "anyone else who wants to put the fun back into everyday transportation," writes Brit + Co's Manasa Reddigari. "This bag makes all of our childhood fantasies come true. Its ergonomically-designed foot rests allow you to cruise in comfort and style for up to three hours on a full charge."

Pre-order your Modobag here and share your thoughts on the rideable suitcase below.