The #1 Productivity Hack You Need to Do Immediately

In the same way that it's hard for me to remember how people kept in touch before cell phones, I don't know how I got anything done before I learned this hack. It is so simple yet so impactful… Speed up your mouse pad. Like many, I spend the majority of my day working on a computer, and this is the number one productivity hack I have learned. Drop what you're doing and try it right now: Go to your Settings (System Preferences on a Mac), select Mouse or Trackpad (depending on what you use), and increase the tracking speed to the highest it can go. Mac usually defaults to 50%, so double that. At first, the mouse may seem a little uncontrollable; it takes a few minutes to get used to, but once you make the change, everything you do on your computer will get faster, as the way you move around your computer is now twice as fast. I estimate that I save at least an hour each day with this change—not exaggerating.

Once you feel acclimated to your new settings, go back and test out your old ones—you'll be astounded by how slow it feels. If you borrow a friend's computer or use a public one, you'll likely feel like it's broken.

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