Don't Turn Out the Lights—24 Movies About Serial Killers to Keep You Up at Night

Paranormal activity is fun and all, but when it comes to horror movies, the "this could happen to me, and I sure hope it doesn't" element makes them all the more horrifying. Especially when they revolve around serial killers. Let's face it, they make for fascinating subjects, and it's October, unofficially the month to scare yourself stupid and catch up on sleep later. So to celebrate the spookiest time of year in all its glory, we rounded up our favorite movies about serial killers.

Some of them are based on the most notorious serial killers in history while others take the fictional approach. The one thing all these movies have in common? Grotesque, disturbed, unhinged, and wildly violent protagonists. Scroll through to read about our favorite movies about serial killers and then curate your own twisted watchlist accordingly.