16 Movies for Kids That Teach Empathy and Encourage Kindness

Good movies have the power to grip us and make us a feel a range of emotions. Great movies, on the other hand, will entertain us while also widening our scope on the world and inviting us to think outside of ourselves. That's the magic of storytelling: It teaches us things in a fun, relevant way. But remember that saying "With great power, comes great responsibility"?

Unfortunately not every movie affects us in a positive way—especially when we don't know much about a given topic, community, or experience. While this gets easier to navigate as adults, it's trickier when it comes to movies for kids. And admittedly it's pretty hard not to be reductive when you're trying to package a complicated world into an age-appropriate and digestible film. But it's possible and well worth the extra effort.

To make things easier, we rounded up the best movies for kids that teach empathy and convey strong messages around curiosity, kindness, integrity, diversity, and resilience. Not only will they encourage your little ones to navigate life with wisdom, but they can also make difficult conversations easier. Scroll through our list of fun movies for kids that teach empathy, and make plans to watch them together.