The Best Décor Advice For Moving in Together

If you're getting ready to move in with your significant other, but your tastes in interior décor are drastically different, don't panic. In every home and in every room, there should always be a balance of textures, styles, design eras, and masculine and feminine lines. If you lean traditional but your partner is a modern minimalist, there are ways to happily coexist. To achieve this, it's key to mix and match pieces of furniture, textiles, and lighting in different shapes and textures.

The Best Décor Advice For Moving in TogetherMake the Most of Existing Pieces: If you're combining existing furniture, evaluate what tweaks you can make to an item's overall look. If your significant other can't part with his or her angular sectional sofa, but you prefer gentler lines, try softening it up by using some furry throws and plush pillows. If you have a lamp you love but your partner hates it, see about altering the look by switching out the shade.

When Purchasing New Items Together: When shopping for new pieces, look for items which satisfy both of your décor needs. For example, if you'd like a delicate chair, why not upholster it in your better half's favorite contemporary print? This will provide unexpected and visually-appealing contrast while satisfying both of your design desires.

When To Compromise: If one of you is dead-set on a particular item, instead of rejecting your partner's wishes, think of how you can incorporate the piece into your overall-vision for the home's décor. Perhaps that coffee table they insist on purchasing will actually look great with the area rug you've had your heart set on. When you're willing to give a little, your one and only should be too!

We want to know! Are you moving in with your better half? What are your tips for combining décor?

estee-signature-layoutPhotograph: Nickey-Kehoe