Head North to Our 3 Favorite Canadian Cities

We're all about standing for, not against, our country during this divisive time, and we agree that jetting off to Canada or Mexico isn't the way to do so. That being said, there's a clear interest in foreign pastures in light of the recent election—Canada's immigration website crashed, and Google search traffic within America spiked for terms like "Canada immigration" and "move to Canada." To feed this undeniable curiosity, whether serious or frivolous, we've rounded up the three most breathtaking destinations in Canada. From the bustling restaurant scene in Montréal to the gorgeous frosted mountaintops of Vancouver, our neighbors to the north certainly have a lot to offer. Here's where we'd visit first:


Located at the southwestern tip of British Columbia, just hours from Seattle, Vancouver is an epicenter for Canada's film and art scene. Home to a thriving film industry and the renowned Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver is just as culturally aware as it is breathtakingly gorgeous.


A charming Francophone city just six hours away from New York, Montréal is home to the stunning Basilique Notre-Dame, an impressive array of cocktail bars and a blooming restaurant scene. We've got the ultimate guide to the cosmopolitan city, courtesy of a native Montréaler.


Home to popular musicians Drake and The Weeknd, Toronto's burgeoning music scene is only rivaled by the city's breathtaking skyline and stunning views of Lake Ontario. As Canada's largest city, Toronto affords a wealth of opportunities for the country's many ambitious young workers in the finance and banking industries.