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20 Mudroom Bench Ideas That Control Clutter and Look Chic Doing It

jk interior living

JK Interior Living

Out of all the spaces in your house, no room hits the sweet spot between appearance and utility quite like your mudroom. On one hand, a mudroom is the ultimate place to take off your jacket, shake out your muddy boots, and store your cold-weather essentials. But, for many, it's also the first room many visitors will see—so a well-designed space is of the utmost importance.

If you're looking to master the best of both worlds, a strategically constructed mudroom bench might be the key. A convenient place to take a seat that can double as a wow factor? We're certainly on board.

That said, mudroom bench ideas aren't a one-seat-suits-all situation. To help find your perfect match, we've culled the web for these 20 inspiring mudroom bench ideas.

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Build Up Your Bench

miretta interiors

Design: Miretta Interiors; Photo: Catherine Nguyen

As this space by Miretta Interiors (formerly Warehouse Interiors) proves, the only way to go is sometimes up.

"I find it best to utilize every space of this room, as it's most likely the room where the family drops everything upon entering the house," co-founder Zandy Gammons explains. "Any way you can reduce clutter should be considered."

Here, the North Carolina-based firm juxtaposed the mudroom bench with cubbies below and hooks above. The sunny, patterned wallpaper adds a fun pop to the space's all-white bench.

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Hang Up Some Hooks

blue cooper mudroom bench idea

Blue Cooper

Or, if you'd prefer to keep your bench and storage separate, install some hooks above your mudroom seat. This simple DIY can make any nook a functional, highly trafficked space. Maegan Blau of Blue Cooper gets the job done in style.

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Go Big With Built-Ins

chango & co. bathroom

Design: Chango & Co.; Photo: Sarah Elliott.

If you want your mudroom bench to feel a little less arbitrary, consider installing a built-in structure. Not only does this setup from Chango & Co. make this bench an intentional part of the space's layout, but it also ups this area's cozy factor. The rich gray hue and paneled accent are nice touches.

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Pack on the Paint

whitney parkinson design mudroom

Whitney Parkinson Design

Just because a bench-clad built-in is designed with storage and practicality in mind doesn't mean it has to skimp on style. Embrace your bold streak with a rich aubergine shade and brass hardware, just as designer Whittney Parkinson did here.

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Go Long

reena sotropa mudroom bench

Reena Sotropa

If you're working with a galley layout, consider adorning each wall with built-ins and benches. Here, Canadian designer Reena Sotropa created designated areas for coats and shoes. To keep this space from feeling sterile, she added a printed rug runner and statement lighting.

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Revel in Repetition

reena sotropa bench

Reena Sotropa

On the hunt for a mudroom bench idea that can accommodate families or roommates? Take a cue from Reena Sotropa. The Canadian designer doubled down on repetition, so everyone can have their own spot to hang up coats and scarves. Plus, the cubbies underneath can double as some seriously good shoe storage.

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Opt for Open Concept

stone house collective

 Stone House Collective

Looking for a way to stay organized? Open shelves can be the magic touch.

"Prioritizing organization doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style when it comes to your mudroom," Anna Franklin, founder of Stone House Collective, shares. "If you have open shelving, utilize beautiful baskets to add in hidden storage and mask what would otherwise clutter your mudroom."

Let this well-appointed setup show you how it's done.

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Create a Cut Out

cathie hong

Designer: Cathie Hong; Photo: Margaret Austin Photo.

For a mudroom bench idea with a modern edge, take a cue from this setup by Cathie Hong. Here, the designer cut out a little seat from a selection of floor-to-ceiling drawers and cabinets. Not only is there ample room for coats, tools, and tchotchkes, but it's also a subtle and oh-so-stylish way to kick back and relax.

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Switch Up Your Drawers

becca interiors mudroom

Becca Interiors

Storage takes precedence in your mudroom, so it's important to surround your bench with options you'll actually use. The mix of cabinets and drawers—as seen in this space by Becca Interiors—ticks off all of the boxes and then some.

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Mix and Match

pure salt mudroom bench

Pure Salt

Can't decide if you want to surround your mudroom bench with open shelving or closed cabinets? Why not get the best of both worlds? California-based designed firm Pure Salt used all of the above—and some leather-tabbed hooks—to create a storage solution that's practical and oh-so pretty.

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Double Down on Double-Duty Decor

katie leclercq mudroom bench

Katie LeClercq

If the idea of installing a built-in seems a tad overwhelming, invest in a mudroom bench with built-in storage. The one Katie LeClercq added to this space opens up so her clients can fill it with books, scarves, or hiking equipment.

That said, if your mudroom feels bare, you can always accessorize with hooks and other bits of wall décor.

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Do Good With Drawers

tyler karu mudroom

Design: Tyler Karu; Photo: Erin Little.

Another way to make the most of your mudroom bench? Invest in a seat with built-in benches, just as designer Tyler Karu did here.

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Makeshift Mudroom

reena sotropa mudroom bench

Reena Sotropa

No mudroom? No problem! If your home is short on space, scooch a bench next to your front door and slide some storage baskets underneath. This setup from Reena Sotropa offers a fabulous, DIY-friendly alternative.

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Pile on the Pillows

kate lester mudroom bench idea

Design: Kate Lester; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Just because your mudroom bench serves a practical purpose doesn't mean it can't be comfortable, too. California-based designer Kate Lester bridged the gap between strategic and snugly by covering this seat in plush, printed pillows.

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Create a Connection

JK interior living

JK Interior Living

Want to take your mudroom bench idea to new lengths—literally? You'll find plenty of inspiration with this arrangement from Julie Kantrowitz of JK Interior Living. Here, the New Jersey-based designer connected this mudroom bench to a window seat, creating a well-appointed sectional that's practical, too.

Plus, the negative space underneath the bench is the perfect spot for shoes or storage baskets.

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Pick a Neutral Palette

white sands design build

White Sands Design Build

We can't back this up with science just yet, but we're pretty convinced that a high-contrast color palette makes any space look more organized. This mudroom bench idea from White Sands sticks with an orderly color scheme, plus the closed cabinets and drawers let you hide your clutter.

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Spring for a Stealth Shelf

marie flanigan

Marie Flanigan

On the hunt for a stealthy spot to store unread mail or old newspapers? Buy a mudroom bunch with a discrete shelf. We love the sweet option Marie Flanigan picked out for this wood-paneled room.

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Strategically Place Storage

mudroom bench idea britt design studio

Britt Design Studio

Think of this mudroom bench idea by Britt Design Studio as the perfect option for anyone who wants to bring a function-first approach to their space. The cabinets and lower drawers cleverly connect to create a makeshift, storage-packed bench.

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Try Two Mudroom Bench Ideas

kate marker interior mudroom bench ideas

Kate Marker Interiors

If you're blessed with some generous square footage, why not try two mudroom bench ideas? Designer Kate Marker decked out one space with a cubby-clad bench and a cabinet-backed seat.

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Work Around Your Bench

jenna pablo studio

Jenn Pablo Studio

Already have a bench you love but it has little to no storage? Don't sweat it, you can always make your mudroom bench feel a little more organized by adding some orderly accents. We love how California-based designer Jenn Pablo juxtaposed her upholstered bench with a woven basket, hooks above, and a floating shelf underneath the mirror.