7 Entryway and Mudroom Ideas That Make Foyer Storage Stylish


Design: Studio McGee

If you reside somewhere with a lot of rain and snow, have kids or roommates, or own a lot of sporting equipment, you know the need for a mudroom. Whether you need full-on mudroom ideas or live in a small city abode with only a tiny entrance and just need some stylish storage, having the right organizational pieces to keep clutter at bay is a game-changer. Designing this space in a chic way can set the tone for the rest of your home as a place where form meets function.

From modestly-sized benches to sneaky closet spaces, and even just a few coat hooks by the front door, these design-savvy foyer and mudroom ideas are all the guidance we need.

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Create a Cubby Room

mudroom design

Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you have a large family or live with a few roommates, creating a system like a cubby room will make it much easier for kids and messy adults to stay organized. There's a coat rack for umbrellas, hats, outerwear, baskets for dirty footwear, and a bench for bags. We also love how the tiling and the white walls create flow from this room to the next.

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Be Strategic With Furniture

entryway and mudroom

Design: Studio McGee

This is the perfect example of a chic, elevated entryway that's also optimized for storage. When you don't have a mudroom to keep your dirty outerwear hidden in the back of the home, opt for a structurally open console table that allows you to put storage baskets underneath. That way, you can make sure your surfaces are designated for tabletop décor, rather than throwing all your raincoats on it.

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Keep It Simple

entryway design

Photo: Michael Wells

If you want to amplify your storage options in the entry, but you don't have the room or means to create an elaborate console table vignette, go for a simple bench. This one piece of furniture offers endless styling options, and you can use it as a landing dock for your bags when you walk through the front door.

Plus, lining up your shoes underneath instantly introduces a whole new organizational system. This makeshift mudroom idea is especially well-suited for a front door that opens directly into a casual space like a kitchen, a studio apartment, or even a narrow hallway.

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Choose Durable Flooring

foyer design ideas

Design: Studio McGee

When it comes to durable flooring that seamlessly connects the indoors and outdoors, it's hard to beat ceramic stone tiles. They're less formal and delicate than hardwood, but they still offer a level of elegance. We love the way this collapsible leather bench offers storage space with a little help from the coat hangers installed above. It's super simple but so efficient.

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Coordinate Colors

mudroom design

Design: Studio McGee

When you aren't quite sure how to make the mudroom blend cohesively with the style of the rest of your home, think about the materials you're using. Opt for a small area rug or runner that complements the color scheme in the more formal rooms of the house, plus a few decor details like ceramic hooks and a simple bench.

Stick to practical flooring and lighting for all the foot traffic this area will see.

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Create Two Rooms in One

mudroom and entryway

Design: Space Exploration Design

If you want to use a backdoor area for a family room, home office, or anything else that offers more functional value than just becoming an extra closet, all you need to do is find good storage baskets and bins. In the example above, the blonde straw baskets blend in with the console table, the carpet, and even the wall art.

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Put It Behind Closed Doors


Design: Studio McGee

Aside from the coat hangers, everything in this mudroom is kept behind closed doors. If you want to keep all the clutter out of sight, consider working with a contractor and a designer to customize your space with built-in storage and seating. The gray-aqua paint is also a nice touch to make it look more sophisticated.

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